REVIEW: Unraveled by Bethany-Kris

From what I’ve been led to believe Bethany-Kris is know as a Mafia Queen in the book writing world and after reading this I’d have to agree, she sure knows how to knock out an impressive and hard to forget mafia story.

This was filled with so much emotion it was a story of forbidden love with some heart wrenching moments, there was danger and suspense, it was an all-round action packed read which kept me captivated from start to finish.

Gian’s an alpha-male he’s strong and commanding danger oozed from him, he’s the sort you love to hate as-well as hate to love especially when his big secret was revealed, Cara was a girl who appeared to carry the world on her shoulders yet her inner strength showed through. The chemistry between Gian and Cara was off the charts but what they shared was definitely a love story with many difficulties everyone was against their relationship.

This was a well written story with great character development. Bethany-Kris done an amazing job she’s one talented lady even though there’s this tiny part of me that really dislikes her right now and that’s down to the fact that she’s left me desperately waiting to see what’s going to happen next.

I will be right here patiently waiting on Part 2.

~Cheryl (5/5)

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Out now! Unraveled by A.S. Teague

unraveled-ebook-coverUnraveled by A.S. Teague
Series: Undisputed #2
Genre: contemporary romance

I had it all––until I didn’t.

 When my job, my livelihood, and my passion are suddenly snatched away from me, I’m left scrambling to keep my head above water. Desperate, I’m forced to walk into the last place I ever thought I’d go. Little did I know that I’d come face-to-face with the woman who would help me pick up the pieces of my unraveled life.

Rebecca Toler’s living the dream––or so I thought.

 Beautiful, funny, and tough as nails, she answers to no one. In other words, she was born to be mine.
One problem—she hates me.

 It’s time to take my life back, and I’m starting with her.

But, as I’ve learned over the years, sometimes the toughest fight of your life is outside the cage.

 *Each book in the Undisputed series can be read as a complete standalone novel

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Sneak Peek

For the next three hours I’m swamped answering calls—thankfully no more real estate agents—and helping anyone that comes in while trying to finalize the boys’ events for the next month.  When that damn bell chimes for the hundredth time today, I plaster a forced smile on my face and glance up.  When my eyes finally focus on the man walking through the door, the smile vanishes and my jaw falls open.

 What the actual fuck?

 His head is high as he looks around, studying the room. After giving the gym a quick onceover, his gaze finally lands on where I’m seated behind the desk. Our eyes meet and my heart hammers, the pounding so loud I fear he can hear it from across the room. I tear my gaze away from his and scan his body, surprised at the physical reaction I’m having to him. 

 With a slight shake of my head, I slap my palms on the paper-covered wood, and shove out of my chair, causing it to shoot out at least ten feet behind me. “You have some nerve walking in here.”

 He stops in his tracks and blinks at me before an easy smile crosses his face. “Rebecca Toler. Shoulda known I’d see you here.” He drawls as he continues walking toward me.

 My pulse is pounding in my ears and my stomach is practicing its floor routine for the Olympics as I stare at the man in front of me.  Taking a minute to appreciate his strong jaw line that’s covered in scruff, I notice that his hair is in desperate need of a trim as it falls across one eye.

 Fuck, he’s sexy.

 He always had been. Regardless how much it pains me to admit it. Though his looks weren’t why I wanted to full body hurl him from the building. Memories of our last interaction flood my mind, along with the hurt and anger I’d felt. 

 “How ya been, Reb?” he asks with a familiarity he doesn’t have.

 His use of my nickname, a familiarity he doesn’t have––or deserve––causes me to snap childishly, “Who said you could call me that?”

 He grins, but doesn’t reply.

 Fuck, that grin is hot.

  “What are you doing in Atlanta, Ryker?” I ask, attitude still thick in my voice.

 He takes his time looking me over and my body betrays me by flushing at the attention.  His eyes are appreciative of what they see, but strangely enough, it doesn’t feel like he’s ogling me.

 He steps forward and shoves his hands in the pockets of his washed out jeans that hang low on his hips. “Well, I was in town and thought I’d stop in and say hello to my buddy Breccan. Seeing you is an unexpected bonus.” His lips tip up in a smile and my stomach flips again.

 “Your buddy?” I hiss through clenched teeth while attempting not to let my gaze linger on his pants any longer. The thought of Ryker and Breccan ever being buddies would have been funny, if I wasn’t too shocked to laugh.

 His gaze finally makes it back to mine and he nods once.

 For a few moments we simply stare at each other, him smiling while I scowl.