REVIEW: A SEAL’s Proposal by Tawny Weber

First in a new series..

First in a series of novella’s focused on a group of friends all with the same goal to become Navy Seals….this book focuses on the relationship between Sam and Blaire with a lovers to something more theme…

The premise is interesting and the group of friends all struggling with the choices they’ve made provides a number of opportunities for more books in the series…however I thought that for a short story the pace was rather slow… the author writes great observational descriptions but there is too much detail for a novella and it interrupts the action….

The group of would be seals have the potential for plenty of humorous interplay to add another layer to the story but in fact there was a great deal of angst when they interacted and what felt close to bullying at points between the friends…I really liked Sam as a personality strong and focused but Blaire comes across as manipulative and I never felt connected to her…. their relationship seems genuine enough but they spent more time apart talking with other people than each other and there was no real sexual chemistry …..overall I never felt invested in their story…

This series has great potential but I was disappointed with this first instalment.. I think the author should have written this as a full length novel and then the interactions between the protagonists and the secondary characters and the descriptive narrative would have added not detracted from the narrative……this novella was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads.

~Sheena (3/5)


REVIEW: A SEAL’s Sacrifice by Tawny Weber

Enjoyable short read

I do love a Navy Seal romance and this second in the series is a perfectly acceptable example of the genre…. a group of friends make a promise to forsake love in pursuit of their career but slowly and surely each one of the heroes is succumbing to the charms of the woman they have left behind

There is no doubt this author knows how to write a good story and create interesting characters inhabiting a clearly described imagined world …. however I have struggled to engage with the characters in the first two books …I think my main criticism is that the protagonists have too many flaws to be resolved in a short story….in the case of this book only a few hours one New Years Eve …and the matters dealt with are too serious to be forgiven and forgotten in the space of a few chapters..

Overall this was an enjoyable short read which held my attention although it could potentially have been better if longer or if the characters had been less complex with fewer issues to resolve,,.I reviewed this novella for Summer’s Eve Reads

~Sheena (3/5)


REVIEW: A SEAL’s Surprise by Tawny Weber


I have read the first three novella’s in this series in quick succession and from the point of view of originality the premise of the series is compelling…..this particular novella centres around the relationship between Eli and Macy and their reconnection after five years of separation ……

Eli and Macy take turns to relate their side of the story providing valuable insight into their inner voice and in Eli’s case his inner conflict….Eli has, in previous books, come across as uncompromising, a bit of a bully in fact, threatening and cajoling his friends into keeping a vow made as young adolescents… it now seems only fitting that it is his turn for his rigid belief systems to be challenged by the beautiful Macy…

I was not particularly looking forward to this book because of Eli’s previous behaviour but I have to say this is my favourite and it is certainly the hottest….the struggle Eli experiences in coming to terms with his feelings towards Macy is compelling reading and Macy is a smart interesting character who has remained strong in spite of previous heartbreak..

Overall this is an entertaining second chance love story which is a perfect length when time is short ….I reviewed this novella on behalf of Summer’s Eve Reads..

~Sheena (4/5)