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Out now! Review: The Huntress – Kristen Hope Mazzola & Dawn Robertson

the-huntressThe Huntress by Kristen Hope Mazzola & Dawn Robertson
Series: The Huntress #1
Genre: dark erotica


I am not a good person. In fact, I am the worst of the worst. I was dragged down into the gutter and have thrived in this seedy underbelly where I was recreated. Reborn as Eleanor McGuire, socialite and professional hitwoman. The filthiest, dirtiest, high profile pieces of shit, I end them.

I am the huntress.

Corrupt men are my prey.

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Themes: BDSM, elements of taboo
Heat: ★★★★

Rating: ★★★★

I short, sharp read, I finished this first instalment in about an hour – but don’t let that put you off. It was a glorious hour of a strong (if not psychotic) woman, comfortable with her sexuality and her independence. A mistress of manipulation.

I figured only the strongest people could muster up the will to never look back, but after a while I learned it didn’t take a brave soul, but rather the kind of person who has a heart of black…”

This was a hot read, with sexual scenes involving collars and leashes, dirty talk, face fucking and group sex – most of which resulted in a certifiable one-handed book (if you’re into that kind of thing); some of which I wished had been described in a little more detail, such as the group sex scene.

Coldplay on the iHome and bubbles in my bath while I light a joint, drink a glass of wine and masturbate to the thought of the life I just took only moments ago.

If you’re after romance, there isn’t any here. This is a woman dealing with multiple men in her life – her complicated relationship with her father-figure (who, it has to be said, was my favourite), her friendships with Linc and Joseph, and couple more casual ones thrown in for good measure. It’ll be interesting to see where these relationships go in the sequels, but even if it’s nowhere, gimme more filthy sex and I’ll be happy.

Taking my face in between his hands, Theo looked down at me and pressed a gentle kiss to my lips. “You are mine,” he whispered as he slowly eased his cock inside my waiting cunt.

This was a highly enjoyable quick read. It wasn’t perfect – I wasn’t so keen on the voice, which in some ways felt like a stream of consciousness, and I really hate flashbacks (I prefer past events to be written in chapters set in the past as it makes for a more seamless read). It also could have had more detail in the assassinations to make it a little darker. But regardless of that, the concept and characters were intriguing to make me keep reading, and make me want more.