[Review] Something Different by Nia Farrell


Singer/songwriter Anna James is getting desperate. Even with a day job, money’s tight, and she’s wound tighter yet, having sworn off sex to reconcile with her mother who’s in chemo and her father who disowned her for her wild, wicked ways. No sooner than her psychic best friend predicts an end to Anna’s self-imposed drought, rock stars Jackson and Jacob Thomason come to town, with the dream of an indie album co-written with local American Indian flutist Nico White and his songwriting partner AJ McPherson.

The triple-platinum artists are attracted to Anna, who gives as good as she gets. Learning that Anna’s alter ego AJ puts the “twist” in Nico’s “tribal” music only makes them want her more. The part-Comanche Thomason twins need an album’s worth of songs. That means spending night after night, working closely, getting to know each other, learning how to co-create.

Anna’s never written music with anyone but Nico. Their collaborations are so natural, so organic. They’re comfortable with each other. The Thomason twins, who perform as No Mercy, make her anything but. What’s a fangirl to do, when submitting to her rock star idols means exploring the darker side of passion?

A BDSM MFM ménage erotic rock star romance, written for Ages 18+.
Contains advanced BDSM and may contain triggers.



Musical menage…

The second of the three Graces…. and in many ways this was a much more enjoyable read for me than the first in the series…first and foremost this instalment met my expectation regarding interactions between the three Graces , well at least two of them, as Grace and Anna kick off the story ….Next the story is better developed I loved that she was an unknown, talented musician and that her problems are answered by a double act who have everything she needs and so much more..

This is a short novella and naturally there is an instalust vibe… but this book also delves into the world of eroticism and bdsm …. the guys like to play and nothing seems to be off their table as they embark on a journey of exploration with Anna, which at times strays away from safe … the writing is clear and the voice of Anna provides a useful perspective as the story progresses… I know nothing about the world of music making, but it would appear that the author has done her research in relation to the industry, however, at times the story was heavy on detail and there was a tendency toward information overload.

Although there were elements that detracted from the storytelling, overall I enjoyed this book and whilst I still feel there could be more development in regards to the characters and the friendship between the three ‘Graces’, I found myself caught up in the evolving relationship between Anna and the twins both romantically and professionally, and I am still eager to read the third Grace’s story…