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Statement from Claire Lalique regarding the banning of SHATTERED KRYSTAL from Amazon.
I awoke this morning with my publisher telling me Amazon banned my book because “its content was in violation of their content guidelines”. I wanted to burst into tears.
I don’t know what that means to have Amazon ban my book.
What I do know is that my book is extremely personal to me.
SHATTERED KRYSTAL is my first book, my debut novel. Each word in it was chosen specifically. I believed that particular word at that place in the story was best suited to convey the emotion and gravity necessary for the reader to be caught up in the events portrayed.
I am devastated that this book isn’t on Amazon. I buy from Amazon. I made the decision to publish exclusively on Amazon. I wanted to publish on Amazon. Why would they ban my book? There are far more explicit books than mine on Amazon.
It seems to me that Amazon is treating erotic writers unfairly. It is after all a category or genre that they publish. Other erotic writers have been told that their book will continue to be banned unless all explicit sex or violence is completely removed. This seemingly random banning of erotic books seemed to have started in January 2011. In no other genre have I found this erratic behavior by Amazon censors.
I chose to write erotic romance. By definition it is explicit sexually. I chose that genre because I wanted to write about a very broken person who was healed by love. Erotica seemed to most easily fit that story line. It’s true my book has a (single) rape. It is that event that causes my heroine to be broken. It was written as a horrific act perpetuated by evil men. It wasn’t glorified or made to seem acceptable. This subject has been used in many wonderful books that are considered classical literature.
So finally, my last thoughts, I am sorry Amazon readers are not able to buy my book. I felt when I wrote it, that it made a statement about how resilient women can be, especially if they have love behind them, even if it was couched in erotic book language. I think all you Amazon readers would have liked it, but for now it can only be gotten on Smashwords.
I hope my friends and readers would share this and request their friends to share with a request for their friends to share and so forth and so forth. Amazon must realize that readers will not accept this behavior from them.
This is where you can buy my book for 99 cents.

REVIEW: Shattered Krystal by Claire Lalique

This is a dark, at times heartbreaking and skillfully written book…a story about Krystal a young woman from a deprived background who is left devastated after a despicable event and at her most vulnerable she encounters Samuel a clean living young rookie cop…

What a wonderful mixture of sorrow, loss, violence, respect and love ..the world is described in great detail with carefully observed sights, sounds, smells and the feelings they invoke..I was transported to another world where hardship is commonplace…Krystal is a strong and resilient character in spite of the evil perpetrated upon her and Samuel is just a smart, protective and possessive guy…

Told from the dual point of view of the two main characters…I liked the fact that the perspectives at the start of the book covered the same time period but from the different worlds and life experiences of both Krystal and Samuel..the relationship between them develops very swiftly and this does not always work for me but in this case the story is so fast paced that it felt perfectly believable…

This is a new to me author and I was entranced by her penmanship and the thrilling story that she spun…this has disturbing themes and is not for everyone but it was most certainly for me…there was a cliffhanger and so I look forward to reading more about Krystal and Samuel in the future..this was most definitely a 4.5 star read…..This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

For fans of: Tillie Cole, Ryan Michele and Georgia Le Carre

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Shattered Krystal by Claire Lalique

Shattered Krystal by Claire Lalique

Series: Shattered #1
Genre: romantic suspense


Life can change on a dime.

When Krystal McKenzie was kidnapped by the Rattler King MC she was broken, physically and mentally. She didn’t think she would ever recover and wasn’t sure she even wanted to.

Enter rookie police officer Samuel Donahue, her knight in shining armour. After rescuing her, he was not going to allow her to be anything but healthy, confident. Whole.

After all – she was the love of his life. He knew it the minute he laid eyes on her.

He wasn’t taking no for an answer.


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