The Dirty Dozen by Shannon Youngblood



Take a journey down the submissive rabbit hole, as Shannon Youngblood receives twelve writing prompts from twelve Dominants, to form one epic collection of short stories. From a young girl living out her secret dark desires, to the story of a brutal slave killer finding out that not only is his heart still beating, it is only beating for the one he must kill.

Experience the true power of submissiveness as you delve into the taboo world of BDSM in, The Dirty Dozen.



Compelling smorgasbord 4.5 stars….

Well what a compelling smorgasbord of submission and dominance. This was an original concept..told from the point of view of a young woman being gently introduced into the ‘lifestyle’… Jared is her lover and teacher and educates her by relating a series of stories illustrating a variety of relationships…with the aim to instruct and entice..although to be fair I am not sure Jared always chose very wisely, if his plan was to encourage her unerring involvement…

Each story is short but packed with interesting plots and diverse characters.. whether from the past, present or future they all have a tale to be told. My favourite story was Crazed..I loved the concept but will say no more because it has to be read without any spoilers…Right from the start of this book I was captivated by the relationship between Jared and his lover/ ‘would be’ student; they were only centre stage for a short while but they made a big impression, and my only disappointment was that there was no epilogue or conclusion to their story..I would love to have known their endings…

This is a compendium of delights and dark temptations and I loved every minute spent in the company of these fascinating characters as they navigated their imagined worlds and found their ever afters, whether happy or otherwise…princes and princesses in fairy stories; wicked Madams; sweet submission; love, hate, indifference; murder and mayhem, this book gives a tantalising taste of it all….

~Sheena (4/5)

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Trapped by Shannon Youngblood

trapped2Trapped by Shannon Youngblood
Series: standalone
Genre: dark erotic suspense

Trapped in their basement.
Raped. Beaten. Broken.
All I have left is my sanity.
Preston stole my name and my body.
Paxton stole my heart.
Existing only for him.
Don’t make me walk away.

***As if it wasn’t clear enough, there are TRIGGERS in this book, and if you are not over 18, or cannot handle subjects such as violence, kidnapping and rape, this is NOT the book for you***

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Sneak peek

The fact I am wearing no clothes should frighten me. The vulnerability most ordinary people have when naked and exposed to the world is an emotion I’m not accustomed to any longer. Preston made sure of it, just as he had made sure I was properly trained, properly mannered, and properly subservient to only him. You would think forty-five degrees without a scrap of material to cover my raw flesh would cripple me. You would believe that, but you would be wrong.

As every car passes me by, I do what I’ve done for the past sixteen months, two weeks, three days, and four hours. I count. I count the number of cars, the number of trucks, the number of vans. I count the red ones, the green ones, the black ones, and the silver ones. I notice every passenger. The brunettes, the blondes, the red heads, and the balding. I count them all. Just as Preston taught me, and although he’s driven away, and I don’t know if I will ever see him again, I know without a doubt I must follow his rules. If I fail, he won’t love me back, and if he doesn’t love me back, I will die. And although death will afford me the peace I’ve dreamed about for nearly two years, I cringe knowing no one will mourn the loss of the nameless, soulless girl who fell for the man that broke her.