[Review] Let Me Watch by Sansa Rayne


“I like being watched. And I like to watch too.”


Some artists paint. Others sing, or dance, or act. My performances are different: provocative. Deviant. Even perverse. Some people don’t think I’m an artist, but my exhibitions have rocked the New York art scene. Online, I go viral every time. The city has taken notice.

Those closest to me say I’m going to get into trouble. My act draws attention from the wrong kind of people. They would use me – take what they need and leave me. Pierce Williams is supposed to be one of them, but there’s a side of him no else sees. He might be the answer to what’s missing in my life. He’s got the looks, and a seriously sick mind.

Pierce satisfies my craving for the twisted and obscene. He dreams up ways to pleasure me that no one else could. But he’s got secrets he’s not telling me, secrets that could destroy everything…


I don’t know what to expect when I walk into Galleria Carnale. When I see her wanton depravity, served with a dash of crazy, I know I’ve met my match in Sibel Isaacs. Only one problem: she knows who I am and what I do for a living. Convincing her I’m not the man she thinks isn’t easy, but she’s worth it: beautiful and fearless, willing to try anything. How could I resist?

But she doesn’t know the pain still smoldering from my past. She has no idea I owe a debt to a monster – one I helped create. I’ve fought for years to keep his dark urges at bay, but he’s just waiting for a reason to give into temptation – and now he’s obsessed with Sibel.

Soon, watching won’t be enough. If I don’t stop him, he’ll hurt her. But if I tell her everything, the truth could cut even deeper…



Dark obsession and voyeurism…

This is a tale of secret obsession … Sibel is an artist who creates live erotic visual installations as part of her work , which are streamed across the world…. but when she becomes the object of desire for a twisted voyeur her world begins to unravel

The original plot is intricate and suspenseful, told from both the main characters point of view… the author has skilfully written two very different but equally fascinating characters….whilst I can not relate to Sibil’s artistic choices, I admire her complete abandonment and her conviction in her art..she is a provocative character and at times I did feel alienated from her…Pierce is more relatable despite the fact that his films are edgy and raw; I loved his loyalty, even if it was misplaced, on occasions, as well as his attitude towards Sibil and some of her more damaging choices.. however, he made some questionable decisions in the past with his best friend Chase, which ultimately have serious consequences for the present.

As an aside I really enjoyed revisiting and re-considering the age old debate about what constitutes art versus porn ? and where is that particular arbitrary line drawn? and perhaps more significantly is a distinction actually necessary? Ultimately isn’t it all about entertainment and story telling , and making the spectator feel something ?

This was a complex, dark story, which at times was challenging to read but engrossing in equal measure…



REVIEW: Erased by Sansa Rayne

Wow..this was such a dark erotic smorgasbord of kidnap, murder, intrigue, sexual slavery and lust…. not for the fainthearted it focused on the twisted relationship between Gabriel and Marla as they navigated their way through the intense reactions and feelings they had for each other in a world neither wanted to inhabit…

The narrative came from three separate points of view: Marla whose emotions, actions and reactions were shared directly with the reader, Gabriel whose motives and thoughts were often in direct conflict with his outward deeds and from the captor’s perspective..the characters in this story, whether they were a force for relative good or evil, were all interesting…the relationship between Marla and Gabriel was so complex both were conflicted and unable to control their environment whilst being constantly under a menacing scrutiny..

I have to admit that for a good three quarters of the book I was not overly convinced or enamoured with Marla’s personality at times she was feisty to the point of reckless and some of her responses seemed unlikely under the circumstances in which she found herself… was only towards the end of the book that I finally warmed up to her…

This is a disturbing book which begged the question can any meaningful relationship grow out of darkness and destruction…it was a thrilling read which held my attention to the end..I received a copy of this book as an ARC from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review…

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Review: Good Sick – Sansa Rayne

good-sickGood Sick by Sansa Rayne (aka Sasha Rich)
Series: standalone
Genre: erotica
Themes: BDSM

“They called it a cult. I called it home.”

I don’t regret running away from home six years ago. I wound up at Good Souls, a secluded farm where I could fight my dark, dirty impulses and remain pure. I knew that soon I would receive the ultimate reward: ascension straight to heaven. Then the police raided our farm and took everything away. They called it being “rescued.”
I had nothing: no family or friends, just an empty apartment in New York. The other women from the farm barely spoke to me. Our leader, Brady Booker, was missing, and my therapist wanted to convince me my sexual urges were normal, and that ascension was a lie.
For so long I believed my hunger for discipline and restraint was the work of demons tempting me to sin. Then I met Mason. Dominant and handsome, he made me feel good… even if I am sick…

For ten years I’ve been on the hunt, trying to fix a mistake that cost me everything. Obsessed with righting the wrongs of my past, I lost touch with my friends and family; I lost my badge; I lost all semblance of a normal life.
I never should have let Abigail Lamb get under my skin. Just when I’d caught a break, when I thought the end was in sight, she stood in my way. Beautiful, but brainwashed, her tragic past and thirst for submission drew me in and held on tight. I couldn’t resist, even if it meant jeopardizing my mission.
Now I have no choice. I can’t let her go, not until I get what I need. I’m going to finish what I started, even if that means becoming a monster…

Publisher’s note: “Good Sick” is a psychological, new adult dark romance story with explicit sexual content, including BDSM practices, with no cliffhangers, no cheating and a HEA.

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Heat: ★★★★
Rating: ★★★

Watch out, Abbi, I thought in Brady’s voice. The demons are going to be coming for you.
Let them come.

This is the first book I’ve read by Sansa Rayne/Sasha Rich – and I found it thrilling and steamy. It has a wonderfully original plot, following the life and re-intergration of Abigail in society, after she is rescued from a cult. It’s aninteresting concept, and I enjoyed the BDSM interlinking with this brainwashed mentality.

The sex scenes were clearly written from someone who knows her stuff, and this was absolutely one hot read – apart from the use of euphemisms like “orifice” and “rod” (I’m afraid to say I’m a pussy/cunt/cock/dick kinda girl)!

She was my kind of sick, and I couldn’t let that go.

The reason I can’t rate this book any higher is that, despite the brilliant plot and the potential for greater things, Rayne has a tendency to fall into the telling, not showing category of writers – describing sexual acts (and general plot events) physically, but not quite delving into the emotional, internal aspect and properly conveying the characters through the medium of reading.

There was a lot that could have been covered here, and I wanted a little more detail into the mental aspect and rehabilitation of Abigail, both with Mason and her therapist; it all happened perhaps too quickly and neatly to have been fully believable.

“The agony of the body feeds the serenity of the soul.”

Absolutely worth a read, this is an author I’m excited about following, and about watching her writing style develop. Let’s hope for more emotion (and actually more darkness, too) in future works.