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REVIEW: Lady Killer – Misti Murphy

Posing athleteTitle: Lady Killer
Author: Misti Murphy
Series: Book 2 in the Tangled Desires series (standalone)
Genre: romance
Page count: 204
POV: Tom Hadley & Gemma Castle
Rating: ***

It is wonderful to continue following the same set of characters, and check back in with ones from the previous instalment, which gives this short book more depth and those good, fuzzy happy ending feelings. It’s just a shame that the characters are so unbelievably self-absorbed in their pasts, which I personally feel just are not developed enough to keep referring back to every single page. I understand that the events need to be revealed to the reader slowly throughout, but I find it frustrating that every other page simply references “the accident” or the mysterious Santiago, just so we as readers cannot forget them. Similarly, because of the short length of the book, all the important events occur very quickly – it feels unbalanced, like too much build up of the relationship but no focus at all on the rest of these people’s lives until the last ten pages.

Overall, an enjoyable lite-romance read that suffers from its short length and lack of development.