[Review] Wicked Games by L.A. Cotton


The edgy, angsty, addictive YA/NA crossover series from L. A. Cotton continues…

They thought the fight was over…

All Maverick Prince ever wanted was to play basketball in college. So starting for the Steinbeck Scorpions should be a dream come true. But not everyone wants to see him succeed. Just because you’re on the same team, doesn’t mean you play by the same rules.

Lo Stone thought her life was finally on an even keel. As if being a senior and having to think about her future isn’t bad enough, she’s a stranger in her own house. And the longer she goes without seeing Maverick, the harder it is to ignore the little voice of doubt whispering in her ear.

They thought the games were over, but the war is only just beginning…



I’m a Wicked addict…..

I am confident that you will understand what I mean when I say that every so often you meet a book couple that you love as individuals and by fortunate happenstance they are also perfect together, and for each other…. this is not a regular occurrence: too often I like one protagonist more than the other or their relationship does not seem genuine, but, for me, Lo and Mav are the quintessentially ideal couple and for the record I love both of them equally, together and apart…

This series just keeps getting better and better… it deals with challenging and dark subject matter and tackles issues, that so many face, in a sensitive and emotionally intelligent way… what is particularly rewarding is the fact that whilst Lo and Mav are the central characters, thank goodness, and rightly so, the secondary characters are also wonderfully complex and well developed … no matter which character is the main focus of the scene, I am invested and they all bring added depth to the story..

You can probably tell I am addicted to everything about this series… the concept, the setting and the cast members … Each time I reach the end of the latest instalment I find myself immediately checking a) to make sure there are more books planned, and b) to identify when the next one is due… thankfully I do not have to say goodbye, just yet, and look forward to the next book with bated breath…



Absolution by L.A. Cotton



It’s supposed to be a job like any other. Get in. Do the deal. Get out. But when Dennis Hayes spots her across the room, he’s sure he must be seeing things. It can’t be Cassie Malson, the only girl he ever loved. Still loves. Because five years ago he left her to live her dreams—without him.

He doesn’t want to open old wounds, but Dennis can’t walk away again. He won’t. Not until he finds out the reason for the haunted look in her eyes. Even if she hates him. Even if the truth hurts him more than he ever anticipated.

Even if it means going against everything he’s ever known.

Because Cassie Malson is his absolution, and this time he’s determined to save her heart … even if he risks losing his own in the process.



The absolute end…….

And so this is it..the end of an era….Chastity Falls, and the myriad of characters and stories this title represents, finally closes it doors in this last farewell to all…

The story continues the tortuous relationship between Cassie and Dennis as they reconnect after an absence of five years and secrets and old hurts are reawakened…the author has created such a believable group of individuals their friendships and interactions are effortless, full of humour, emotion and drama as hard choices and misplaced loyalties come to the fore…

This is a series that I came late to but have been captivated by ever since… I would urge anyone who has not yet dived into it, to do so straight away..but give yourself a treat and start from the very beginning…

The finale, when it comes, is particularly satisfying providing a window into a future, that could not have been conceived for these individuals who were so so damaged and disparate when their journey first began….. a great conclusion to an addictive 5 star series.. This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (5/5)


Affliction by L.A. Cotton



Dennis Hayes knows all too well that his life is no place for a relationship. He’s at Chastity Falls Academy to play football and do his job. Not meet girls or have fun. But some rules are meant to broken, and the second his lips touch hers, Dennis knows he’s going to break his most sacred one: never let your heart rule.

Cassie Malson watched her friend’s life fall apart at the hands of The Fallen—Chastity Falls Academy’s football team. She never expected to end up in the same position. The lies. The sneaking around. Telling herself it’ll all work out in the end. Because deep down, Cassie knows if she isn’t careful, he’ll bury himself so far in her heart she might never recover.

They’re from different worlds.

They want different things.

It can never work.

Can it?

Affliction is a spin-off novella from the Chastity Falls world. It can be read as a standalone but will best be enjoyed read after Tribulation and Truths.



Great addition to the series….

Well ok, I have made it no secret that I love the Chastity Falls series; with it’s wonderfully constructed world and the damaged and broken souls that inhabit and interact within it…this novella focuses on two of the supporting cast from the main series, Cassie and Dennis, as they encounter the kind of obstacles faced by those who become embroiled with the Fallen of Chastity Falls…by choice or otherwise..

When I become addicted to a series I always find it a wrench to let go when the final chapter closes; and in some ways this book feels to me as if the author has a similar struggle with goodbyes..but that does not detract from the fact it is well written, filled with drama and a remarkable amount of plot and character development..considering it is not a full length novel..

This was a worthy addition to the Chastity Falls catalogue.. it can be read as a standalone but if I was new to the series..I would not start here because it can only truly be appreciated if the reader fully understands the nuances and undercurrents that the original series provides….This novella was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads.

~Sheena (4/5)


Chastity Falls: The Complete Series by L.A. Cotton



When seventeen-year-old, Ana Parry arrives in Chastity Falls, it’s supposed to be her fresh start, her escape. But then she meets the mysterious Jackson. She shouldn’t want him. He definitely shouldn’t want her. Before they know it, it’s too late, and their attraction sparks a series of events that neither of them could have predicted.

Loyalties will be tested, lies will be told.
Welcome to Chastity Falls.


Box Set includes:
Loyalty and Lies
Salvation and Secrets
Tribulation and Truths
Redemption and Regrets
… and the brand new novella: Penance and Promises



5 star captivating series….

This series captivated me; and for the last few weeks every spare moment has been spent reading the emotional coming of age story that lives and breathes inside this series of books….

There are moments when I was truly moved as the characters deal with a myriad of emotions… the raw effects of bereavement and the devastating effects of guilt, bullying and lack of self worth… but before you switch off thinking this is too heavy, let me just say that although there is all the angst and drama associated with the young adult genre this is also an uplifting story of loyalty, friendship and love…and as serious as it gets there are also some great moments of humour providing light relief..

The author’s world building provides a detailed and realistic backdrop to the events that take place; there is an underlying menace at times that provides enough edge to make the reader question everyones role and the story progresses so do the characters…their emotional intelligence grows as they gain a greater understanding of their world, their place within it and their impact on those around them..whether their intents are for good or bad they are fascinating and worth getting to know.

The books are so aptly named as the characters deal with secrets, lies and tribulations and seek to do penance and make promises in order to find their own brand of salvation and a happy ever after….

This series drew me in and gripped me until the very last page… addictive 5 star series……

~Sheena (5/5)