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Review: It Takes Two – Nikki Sloane

it-takes-twoIt Takes Two by Nikki Sloane
Series: Blindfold Club #0.5
Genre: erotica
Themes: BDSM(ish), sex worker

I know what’s supposed to happen at my casting call. In walks a stranger, my clothes come off, and we shoot amateur porn. Only a hot guy doesn’t show up—two of them do.

Originally published in the USA Today bestselling anthology “For the First Time,” this novella contains 50% more all-new content.

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Heat: ★★★★
Rating: ★★★★

There isn’t really a huge amount I can say here. This is a free, very quick read which will either satisfy you if you’re an existing Sloane fan (like me), or act as a little taster of her other work if you’re not.

I want to add that I never read the shorter version of this story when it was publishing in an anthology, so this is a review from someone reading this for the first time. If you have read it, I’m told there were a fair few more words added, and because it’s free it’s probably well worth checking out again.

Nina Hale, the girl who couldn’t get anything better than an entry-level temp job, was about to go down in flames, and Nina the porn star would rise in her place.

The sex was (as ever), hot as fuck, Sloane’s writing was (as ever) flawless. I loved the characters, which managed to be surprisingly developed even for such a short read. I’m not sure how much this instalment really added to the series, and it certainly didn’t have any closure, but it was enjoyable regardless, and absolutely passed the wet test.

Hopefully Sloane will write a full-length instalment for Scott and Nina.