REVIEW: Revenge of the Wronged by Hettie Ivers

Fantastic and magical

Wow what a fantastic concluding book to this current episode in the lives of the werelocks….from the first book the premise of this fabulous story has gripped me and this installment continued to be captivating….in many ways this is an age old story of family loyalty, infidelity, love, lust and ultimately a struggle between two powerful warring factions…but the skill of the author to create a believable alternative world with magnificent and despicable magical beings gives it a refreshing and original makeover….

This, the third in the series, began immediately where the last finished.. the first few chapters focused on the main characters, Alex and Milena, and their burgeoning relationship which was so very sexy and hot with Alex so perfectly alpha and sweet…. it was swoonworthy…This romantic episode though was just an oasis of steamy calm before the real heat of action began… the plot was thrilling and fast paced and at some points very dark and intense……

..the characters continued to grow and emotionally develop and the relationships between family, friends and foe provided both light and dark throughout the story… a special mention here goes to Milena’s best friend Bethany who was sassy and funny and added another layer of interest to the narrative….

Once again throughout the book the lore, legend and history of the werelocks abounded and I came to the conclusion that a family tree and relationship summary would have helped at some points as more pivotal characters were introduced and held sway on the ongoing events…

I really love this series…and I am thrilled that although this is the end of the trilogy there are clearly more stories waiting in the wings for me to devour…. I do hope that Milena and Alex continue to feature in some capacity going forward…. there are still dark times ahead and matters for them to resolve in the future and ultimately their relationship and their characters will be difficult to say goodbye to at this point…. an addictive series that gets better and better..

~Sheena (5/5)


REVIEW: Fear of the Heart by Hettie Ivers

Wonderfully addictive ….

I have not laughed so much at the start of book in a long way time…three pages in and I was desperate to find someone to talk to about it…..this is the second book in the series and starts exactly where the other left off…a paranormal , dark in parts, sexy, thrilling romance…what more could a fan of the genre desire….the focus is on the main characters Alex and Milena who are having to re-evaluate their lives and allegiances whilst a threat to the current world order is lurking dangerously close…

The characters in this book are so well written and the relationships and interactions between them all complicated and addictive…. Alex and Milena remain at the heart of the story as they fight for and against each other…I love the fact that in this book Alex has recognised his true feelings and his emotional intelligence begins to develop…..I was fascinated by Milena’s conflict as she now has to come to terms with her inner she-wolf leading to some really comical moments..Not only did the relationship between Alex and Milena hot up verbally but also their sexual tension and chemistry is volcanic..and when Alex expresses his regret for his previous actions and decisions the only way he knows how…. Milena was quick to point out that ‘Alex proved to be a natural at nonverbal apology’……

Alex’s family are fabulous their exchanges and their sibling rivalries are hilarious but they are also loyal, loving and protective of those they care about……a special mention here for Guadalupe, Alcaeus’s longtime human housekeeper, who was a wonderfully written larger than life personality…

As the second in the series this book felt a bit like the middle sequel in a film franchise acting as a link between the scene setting beginning and the explosive finale… the plot development in relation to the larger werelock world conflict was addition the werelocks and the world they inhabit had a comprehensive back story that was fascinating but also complex and at times I lost the family connections and threads… however that said the authors skill at setting a scene and creating a genuinely intriguing imagined world made this story an absolute pleasure to read….

This is a captivating paranormal romance; there is darkness and steamy, dirty sex and the actions of the werelocks are often reprehensible but to me they are all perfectly imperfect…I can not wait to read the next in the series…….

~Sheena (4/5)


REVIEW: Slip of Fate by Hettie Ivers

I loved this book..this is the paranormal genre at it’s best…it is dark with the werewolves being more antiheroes than heroes and Alex, the male lead, being the biggest and baddest of them all! He commits some heinous crimes and behaves like a complete and utter a**hole for the majority of the book…..What is it about bad boys that is so appealing? ……the heroine, Milena, is feisty, funny and holds up relatively well considering she is exposed to an alternative world of which she had no prior knowledge or experience…. a world which is wonderfully described with comprehensive history, folklore and legend….

The characters were so well written ..I was captivated by Alex and the family that surrounded him particularly his two brothers Remy and Alcaeus; despite their dubious morals and arrogance there was something very attractive and entertaining about their personalities……there is so much I would like to say about the compelling, complex and tempestuous relationship between Alex and Milena but I do not want to give away any spoilers…….

This was a captivating story..both magical and dark infused with plenty of humour….there is a cliffhanger but fortunately the other books in the series are already available so there is no need to despair…. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review…

~Sheena (5/5)