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REVIEW & RELEASE: Six – James Crow



I sell more than sex. I sell experiences.

My clients are women of taste and style, with money to lavish on their most intimate fantasies.

The contract is clear: Absolute confidentiality. No limits. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

I take them to that place in the half-light, where pleasure blurs with pain, and sex becomes so much more. Beautiful filth, sweet and dirty and so fucking delicious. They take it all and always come back for more.

I’m in it for the money, and maybe the pleasure, too.

I don’t do emotional involvement. Ever. I’m a professional, and this is business.

Until she walks in.

Client number SIX

And things get really fucking complicated.


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Title: Six
Author: James Crow
Series: standalone
Genre: hardcore erotic romance
Rating: *****

I don’t think a book has ever given me such a hangover before. I am genuinely still obsessed with everything that is this, and James Crow has an insta-buy reader for life. If I rated books in terms of orgasms, or even in terms of number of times I had to re-charge my rabbit, this would top the lot (and I read a hell of a lot of smut).

I absolutely loved the complexities of the two lead characters, the innocent filth of Emma Jane and the dominant exterior of Jonathan, and how well they played off – and with – each other. Jonathan in particular is fantastic as he’s not the typical alpha, but rather feels like a real person. And for me, that’s the main attraction of this story. The detail of the little things: the burping, the scratching, the pissing that we all do in life, but seem to be forgotten in novels. The rawness of the sex.

Yet, at the heart of this, buried underneath the hardcore, gritty sex, is a sweet love story that had me rooting unconditionally for the two, and a massively satisfying, funny ending that speaks to the romantic in all of us. This is as near perfection as you get.

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REVIEW: Sugar Daddies – Jade West


A sugar daddy website doesn’t seem a sound basis for an A1 life plan, but I’m a small town girl with big dreams, and there’s this one advert, this one crazy advert I can’t stop thinking about…

Two hot guys seeking their Little Miss Right.
Someone who can entertain them, amuse them, fit in with their corporate schedule.
And sex. They want sex.
Lots of sex.
Bonus, right? One major dose of epic win.

Of course, guys like Carl and Rick have their conditions. One being that they come together, or not at all.
Hell, I can live with that.

And there are no skeletons in their designer closet, none that I can find.
Just two hot sugar daddies, with particular tastes, nothing to worry about.

Until Carl and Rick spill the big one, the one that sends the girls running. A whole string of them before me, running to the hills without so much as a backward glance.

Maybe I should run, too. Thanks but no thanks, see you around, guys, nice knowing you.
But I’m already in way too deep for that.


Title: Sugar Daddies
Author: Jade West
Series: standalone
Genre: erotic ménage romance
Rating: ****

Jade West is one of my insta-buy authors. The queen of filth can do no wrong in my eyes, and I am very much enjoying her brand of ‘say it like it is’ erotica, sparing absolutely no detail. Sugar Daddies was no exception, yet it was different to her previous releases in that it felt much more focused on the complex string of sub plots and self-improvement, with a nice strong dash of her typical style of super-hot sex scenes. It was deep and moving, and rather than being absorbed purely in the romantic side, I found myself increasingly interested in these sub plots and their impacts on the characters. As ever, Jade’s character formation is immaculate, each having their own unique traits and personalities and being highly complex and relatable in their own ways.

I found myself wishing towards the end that we could have had a little more Rick, something from his own POV, but also a few more of the dirty scenes in the later half. But either way, even as a slight departure from her typical books, this was an engrossing, sexy read and I would highly recommend it. As ever, I cannot wait for what she writes next.

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REVIEW: Caged – D.H. Sidebottom


Judd Asher was taken from his front garden when he was just four years old. After an extensive search he was never found.
Twenty-one years after a random call out, Judd is found chained and beaten in the basement of an old rundown farmhouse where he has lived the life of an animal for the last twenty-one years.

Kloe Grant is assigned as Judd’s personal therapist. It’s her job to rehabilitate him, to guide him back to normal life. But as Judd’s only emotion is rage, Kloe finds it both heart-breaking and challenging mending a soul that’s not only broken but caged inside him by the demons of his past.

However, when Kloe’s relationship with her patient raises some eyebrows, Kloe can’t fight against the powers that want to see her fail, and with an arm behind her back, she walks away, leaving behind a man who has come to live life again for her.

Four years later Judd, now known as Anderson Cain, the darkest and most formidable cage fighter in a world where violence and crime are the only way to keep breathing, Judd finds there’s not a lot in life that can abate the rage that still twists and prowls beneath his skin.
Not until a chance encounter brings him to her door. To the woman with the bluest eyes and the most stunning smile, the woman who took his hand in the darkness and led him through the door into the sun.
But Kloe Grant left him when he needed her the most. She took the only shred of hope and trust he had left and annihilated it. She starved his belief, and she fed his fury.
She owes him. And he’s going to make sure that this time, she pays. In blood. In lust. In pain. And with her soul.


Title: Caged
Author: D.H. Sidebottom
Series: Caged #1
Genre: dark erotic suspense
Rating: *****

Um, I need the sequel, like, yesterday.

This is absolutely everything I want in a dark erotic novel. Suspense, actual brutality and emotion, intensity and strong characters. Sex scenes so dark and yet so erotic it makes me uneasy at my own reactions. More than anything, this wasn’t just a simple novel focused solely on sex, but a focus on mental health and finding life, solace and comfort in questionable actions, something to fill the empty void of the two lead characters. The unliveable nature of Anderson in particular was wonderfully troubling, attractive, arrogant, broken and cruel.

There were so many ‘what the fuck’ moments I didn’t know what to do with myself. And now, I eagerly await the conclusion.