REVIEW: Unraveled by Bethany-Kris

From what I’ve been led to believe Bethany-Kris is know as a Mafia Queen in the book writing world and after reading this I’d have to agree, she sure knows how to knock out an impressive and hard to forget mafia story.

This was filled with so much emotion it was a story of forbidden love with some heart wrenching moments, there was danger and suspense, it was an all-round action packed read which kept me captivated from start to finish.

Gian’s an alpha-male he’s strong and commanding danger oozed from him, he’s the sort you love to hate as-well as hate to love especially when his big secret was revealed, Cara was a girl who appeared to carry the world on her shoulders yet her inner strength showed through. The chemistry between Gian and Cara was off the charts but what they shared was definitely a love story with many difficulties everyone was against their relationship.

This was a well written story with great character development. Bethany-Kris done an amazing job she’s one talented lady even though there’s this tiny part of me that really dislikes her right now and that’s down to the fact that she’s left me desperately waiting to see what’s going to happen next.

I will be right here patiently waiting on Part 2.

~Cheryl (5/5)