[Review] Caged by Grace White


With Atchison College deemed too unsafe, Terra Materson finds herself whisked away to a safe house; a short-term solution while the guys figure out their next steps. But her safe haven becomes Terra’s worst nightmare.

As Gaia’s power grows stronger by the minute; Terra’s feelings towards her four protectors become more confusing than ever. While she doesn’t want to lose herself to the ancient goddess inside her, Terra knows Gaia’s memories hold the answers they seek.

Sol, Endo, Cael, and Ross are convinced the risk of her fully connecting with Gaia is too high and insist on searching for another answer. But they have underestimated one thing: Terra’s resolve.

Because she’s finally ready to fulfill her destiny. Whether they want her to or not.*official synopsis coming soon*

Caged is the third book in The Gaia Chronicles, an urban fantasy reverse harem series, and must be read after books #1 and #2. Recommended for readers 17+



Calm before the storm…

This is such a fabulous young adult series: the premise, as far as I am aware, is original and the imagined world wonderfully constructed … I am a big fan of Reverse Harem books and have been for several years…recently there has been an increase in these type of stories but too often the male characters lack individuality or there is a bun fight between them all to identify who should get the girl..but the author has successfully created a perfectly balanced RH with distinct and relatable male leads who are as loyal to each other as they are in love with their girl…. Until this instalment I found the four main guys beguiling, with their super-human powers..but in this instalment their inner conflicts and individualities come to the fore and I have become completely invested in their lives and their relationship with the irrepressible and beautiful Terra…

Terra is under increasing pressure to find answers to so many questions she is pulled in too many directions…some things are becoming clearer some things less certain; I love the ebb and flow of this story… emotions run high as the storyline begins to explore the strength of the eternal bonds between the guys and their queen and I was totally caught up in the drama…… Darkness has arrived; Terra and her four protectors (not forgetting a witch or two thrown in, for good measure) are all that stand between evil and the end of the world…

The climactic cliffhanger ending signals that there is still a tortuous journey ahead, this may be the relative calm before the storm but it does feel like we have reached the beginning of the end rather than the end of the beginning…and I am waiting impatiently for the final stand…



Coveted by Grace White



Terra Materson knew moving to Atchison College would take some getting used to. But she didn’t expect to discover she had the spirit of an ancient goddess inside her.

It’s a lot to process. Not to mention the four overprotective guys who have made it their mission to take Terra under their wing. But as her connection to Ross, Cael, Endo, and Sol intensifies, so too does her need for the truth.

Her protectors want to keep her safe. The witches need her power. And her new friends just want her to live a little. But as her hidden memories slowly return, Terra is left questioning who she can trust. Because with magic in the air, anyone could be an enemy and nothing may be as it seems…

Coveted is the second book in The Gaia Chronicles, an urban fantasy reverse harem series, and must be read after book #1: Cursed. Recommended for readers 17+



Things are hotting up in this 4.5 star read….

I am really becoming obsessed by this young adult, paranormal reverse harem story…this is a classic story of good versus evil, and the power of love and the sacrifices that are made in its name….at its centre is a slow burning romance with Terra and her four protectors; although things certainly do hot up in this book….now that the introductions have been made the plot is beginning to pick up and more and more secrets are being revealed; in particular, through the device of Terra’s dreams, the reader is drip fed snippets from the past that resonate in the present and for the future….

The author expertly creates shades of light and dark there is some tantalising foreshadowing of a menacing voyeur, right from the start, bent on revenge and the destruction of Terra and her guys….Ross, Cael, Sol and Endo I love that each of them has a distinct personality and the gradual reveal of past hurts, misunderstandings and secrets makes them all the more intriguing and real…. I am not too sure if I am supposed to have a favourite..I certainly don’t want Terra to choose…but there is something attractive about a brooding, strong male and Sol is that in full measure…. I always imagined it would be magical to be treated like a goddess by a man, or men for that matter, but the reality for Terra is not quite as liberating or perfect….

This is a carefully constructed alternative universe; an epic story in which the characters experience a myriad of feelings switching from fear and anger to joy, laughter and happiness in a heartbeat; another cliffhanger left me excited to continue the journey…

~Sheena (4/5)


Cursed by Grace White



It isn’t easy being the girl who feels the world… 

Isolation is all nineteen-year-old Terra Materson has known for the last six years. Hiding from the cruel whispers and judgmental stares of society, she suffers the pain of the world around her in silence. The air that moves … the water that flows …the fire that burns … the earth that grounds, Terra feels it all. Despite her grandmother’s insistence it’s a gift, she knows it is nothing more than a curse in disguise.

When her grandmother dies, leaving her alone and guideless, she is forced to step out of the shadows and into the light. Atchison College is the perfect place for Terra to learn to live again. Until she meets four guys with strange connections to the elements that torment her.

Together they lead her on a journey to the answer she’s always craved: Who is she? But as Terra quickly realizes, the truth is far more than her head, and heart is prepared for…

Cursed is the first book in an urban fantasy reverse harem series from Grace White.



Compelling start to a brand new saga…

I make no secret of the fact that reverse harem is one of my favourite types of book to read… there is nothing better than knowing, or at least hoping, that when the final page is turned the girl will get all the guys… add to that a young adult/paranormal story created by the alter ego of one of my newly discovered favourite authors and this book was always going to be a must read for me…

The original premise deals with weighty topics of loss, and isolation but underpinning all of this is humour and the first tentative steps towards a sweet but complicated love story and a future where Terra, ‘the girl who feels the world’, will be thrust centre stage as secrets and revelations come to light….

I really was immediately drawn to Terra, who is quirky she has a strange perspective on life and her voyage of personal discovery is full of false starts and misunderstandings..and as for the men….they all different and their response to the events playing out so disparate… these are realistic and relatable complex characters who are intriguing as individuals but as a whole have the potential to be addictive…

I love this author’s voice both fluent and expressive….. this book is very much concerned with setting the scene, developing the characters and establishing the complex relationships and as such it is rather short on action and plot development; that said what has been created is an alternative universe carefully described and utterly believable….and now the world has been built and the inhabitants within it placed I look forward to seeing where this fascinating story leads…

This is a promising start to a brand new saga which I can not wait to embark on …If I have one word of caution for the author it would be this…by and large RH fans, like myself, are a picky bunch…they don’t like cheating among the cohort and no matter where the drama takes the heroine and her men, in the end, they all need to be together in their happy ever after….

~Sheena (4/5)