REVIEW: Gangster by Sapphire Knight

Well written and entertaining….

Honestly this was a difficult book for me to review because my opinion is divided…..I really thought this was an enjoyable mafia/ bad boy romance….I loved the premise of Thaddeus, the gangster who sets his sights on Grace a smart, beautiful, somewhat in denial, woman…. and without divulging the plot I must say that Thaddeus’ method of courtship was particularly swoon worthy …

The central characters were interesting and the fact that both took turns to tell the story from their point of view ensured that all aspects of the events playing out could be understood and their motives and feelings clarified…I loved Grace’s sense of humour which had me giggling at times…the colleagues and housemates of Thaddeus were also wonderfully observed and I would love to know more about them and their past and future lives….which sadly brings me to some of the concerns I have regarding this book..

Firstly the voice’s of Thaddeus and Grace are heard through their dual narrative but in my opinion there was far too much reflection on their thoughts and feelings and at times this grew tedious and caused the pace of the story to lag…

Secondly the developing relationship between the two protagonists, although rather swift, was sweet and romantic but the potentially more thrilling/mafia aspects of this story were few and far between, short lived and easily resolved…I felt this was such a shame because the author clearly knows how to write a gripping story and I wanted more intrigue and action….

…a minor grouch was that Macintosh is purportedly from England but honestly some of the words he used simply did not fit with his personality and made him sound immature…..

Finally I was disappointed in the conclusion…I am under the impression this is a standalone but I felt that there were still some loose ends that required tying up and I was frustrated that there was no epilogue to provide a window into the future for all the characters…I would love to read more about Thaddeus and Grace and the supporting characters and it felt as though I was left with a cliffhanger….

In summary this is a well written and entertaining bad boy romance with a hero and heroine matched in strength of personality and will….there is so much potential with this premise and the characters I do hope the author decides to add further instalments in the future…I have given the book 3.5 but honestly with a few tweaks it would earn a well deserved 4.5 stars from me…….This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (3/5)