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Weekly Releases (Sep 18th, 2017)

King of Code by CD Reiss

king-of-Code-v4-fullFrom New York Times Bestselling author, CD Reiss, comes a sexy tale of secrets, intrigue, betrayal, and a love worth crossing a continent for.

Taylor Harden is a man on the edge.
The edge of fame. The edge of untold wealth.
The edge of utter humiliation.
He built an unhackable system, and in front of everyone, it’s hacked.
His reputation goes from king to goat in a split second. Boom. Like that.
Some dude in Barrington, USA (AKA Nowhere) has locked down Taylor’s code, and if he doesn’t get it back, he’s going to be wearing a monkey suit for the rest of his life.
Except, this guy? This hacker from Nowhere? He’s not a guy.

Harper Watson’s all woman. And she has a plan for Taylor, his code, and his body.

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Drawn to Him anthology

Drawn to Him Ebook CoverThere are some men who make you helpless.

You know the kind. They steal the breath from your lungs and make your heart beat a little faster with a single look. You can’t stop staring, but the moment they pin those gorgeous eyes on you, you’re done for.

The kind that’s too hard to resist.

This is a collection of men just like that.

Handsome, confident and all for you.

DRAWN TO HIM is a collection of eight exclusive never-before-seen novellas you can’t resist, complete with HEAs. They have all the book feels and angst you’ve been wanting.

The following never before seen romances were written exclusively for this collection:

Infatuation by Willow Winters

It’s easy to blame it on fate, isn’t it?

The Billionaire’s Beginning by M. Never

A seductive, modern day Romeo and Juliet tale.

Dr. Dreamy by L.J. Shen

This hot pediatrician will make you want to have his babies.

Malfeasance by K Webster

Judge Rowe never had a problem with morality…until her.

Fifth Avenue Blues by Jade West

Dreams do come true, and sometimes they are very dirty.

Datenight by Isabella Starling

She doesn’t want a dinner and a movie. He’ll give her exactly what she needs.

Bad Cop by A. Zavarelli

He’ll lock you up and throw away the key.

One Night by K.L. Kreig

Sex, carnal and unadulterated. It was just one night…yet it was so much more.

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Blackmail by Anna James Watson

BM, Cover, FinalMia Winters was a perfectly normal junior at Yale University. Until she accidentally witnessed a secret lovers’ rendezvous. Now, blackmailed into silence, a sexual hunger has awoken inside of her, and there’s only one way to satiate it–but she’s not sure she wants to. Of course, Julian Roth, her gorgeous and brilliant T.A., and Tristan Masters, her equally gorgeous but loathsome classmate, may not give her a choice. The closer she gets to them, the more she is drawn into the world of old money, family dynasties, and secret societies–all worlds she never intended to discover. Will she let herself go down the proverbial rabbit hole or will her better judgement win out in the war between what her brain thinks and what her body craves?

This work of fiction is erotica, meaning that sexual encounters are descriptively explicit and extensive. This novel features a “MMF” relationship, meaning two men and one woman are all involved in a three-way sexual relationship. Content is inappropriate for non-adults.

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Auctioned Virgin: Kidnapped by Frankie Love

bea568d1-ec9f-4d2b-941e-875e69890f86When down-to-earth heiress Justine VanDeShire decides to auction off her virginity to raise money for endangered animals in the Alaskan wild, she doesn’t expect to be kidnapped by Ryder, a rogue mountain man set on getting her off the grid.

Ryder says he knows what’s best for her … but trusting the man holding you hostage seems like a mistake.

Justine came to Alaska to sell her virginity, not to give it away to the man who abducted her. But the moment she laid eyes on this broad shouldered, bearded man, with eyes that could melt ice caps … the one thing she wants is the one thing she swore she’d never give away.

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New release: Kinky Resolutions and Other New Year’s Disasters – Frankie Love

kr-ebook-coverKinky Resolutions and Other New Year’s Disasters by Frankie Love
Series: standalone
Genre: romantic comedy

The thing is, I’m the play-it-safe girl next door and my neighbor is Cooper Bentley, catcher for the Yankees and all-around alpha-hole … or so I thought.

When he comes over to fix my leaky sink—not a euphemism, unfortunately—he finds my list of New Year’s Resolutions.

And also my Google search history.

Deep down I want to try something new. I’m not a virgin, but the sex I’ve had is vanilla.

Now Cooper knows my naughty side … and he makes me a new list.

My Kinky Resolutions.

Suddenly ball gags, threesomes, and fetishes are all I can think about.

When Cooper offers to be my sex guru there’s no turning back.

This new year is going to start with a bang. Literally.

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Sneak Peek

It’s probably good I can’t see his face … I’m already a complete ball of nervous energy, have been all week. With my eyes covered, it’s easier to pretend this is a dream.

“And what are we doing in your apartment?” I ask, knowing I’m already here. Cooper’s place smells different, cedar and coffee to my rosemary and basil. His place is a lower temperature, and the floors are all hardwood here. 

“We are going to start your list, Gracie.” His hands are on my face, cupping my cheeks, his mouth so close to mine. I feel his words as they brush against my lips and I inhale sharply realizing this is it. 

Cooper is going to kiss me. 

The list is real. NYE wasn’t a dream.  And he is in control. 

“Do you still want to do this?” he asks. His hands move from my cheeks to the base of my neck, and he somehow manages to lift my chin as I sink into his hold.

“What do you think?” I say breathless and hot. Realizing I want this so badly. In ways I have never expressed to anyone because how exactly do you tell someone you are horny as hell without looking a little bit crazy?

But I am.

“I think you’ve been waiting for me to show up for two weeks straight. I think you’ve been staring at the little list of yours, fantasizing about what we would do first.”

“And did you decide?” I ask, swallowing, my chest pounding and my heart whole.

“Yes. I thought long and hard, Gracie.”

“How hard?” I tease, the corners of my mouth upturned and I squeeze my eyes shut tight, even though they are covered because it is insane to think that I am here making sexual innuendos with the Cooper Bentley.

“So very hard.” He presses his body against mine and I feel exactly how hard he is.


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Out now! Bucked – Frankie Love

buckedBucked by Frankie Love
Series: standalone
Genre: contemporary romance


I want two things in life: a woman and a child.
When I walk into the diner and see Rosie, I think my motherf*cking dreams have come true.
We share one stolen afternoon, but then she’s gone.
Eight months later she shows up at my cabin.
Her belly swollen, her breasts full, and with the face of an angel.
Still, she wants to keep on running.
No way in hell am I going to let her go.
It’s not just Rosie that needs my protection­­––our babies do too.


Arranged marriages may be fine for some girls, but I’m not some girls.
I’m on the run with one goal: avoid my uncle and the plans he has for me.
What starts as a reckless afternoon, suddenly becomes a life tethered to a man I barely know.
I thought a pregnancy would buy my freedom.
But I was wrong.
And my uncle is ready to make someone pay.

*This is a novella

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Sneak Peek

“Thank you for making them leave,” she tells me, her eyes brimming with tears. “No one ever makes them back down; but you did, Buck. You made them run.” 

“For you, I’d do anything.”

“You don’t even know me.”

I shrug, holding her in my arms. “Maybe not, but does it matter? You are a woman who needs a man to protect her. I’m here and willing. Let me be that for you.”

“Buck,” she says softly, her mouth parting. “Let me thank you for saving me.”

My hands run over her back, and then they cup her face, our gazes held on one another. “How do you want to thank me?”

“I want to thank you with the one thing I have to offer you.”

Now it’s my turn to shake my head. “Rosie, you have more than one thing to offer,” I tell her, not wanting her to believe that her only worth is in her body.

“Maybe so,” she says, licking her lips, her fingers on the front zipper of her uniform. “But this is the way I want to thank you. This is what I want to give.”

She pulls the zipper down and my cock goes rock hard. This woman is giving me more than a thank you. She’s giving me a fucking dream come true.


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