Feather by Fawn Bailey



The story of Gilded Cage begins with mafia princess Ophelia and twins out to own her… But there’s a villain preying in the darkness, and he’s almost ready to strike.

Ophelia Sokolov. Innocent, beautiful and spoiled. The daughter of a Russian mafia kingpin, I get everything I want with the click of my fingers. Except for him.

I’ve been in love with Ryker for years, but I’m supposed to marry his brother, Max. Until that one fateful day, celebrating my eighteenth birthday when everything changes. There’s evil lurking in the shadows, just like Papa said. And this time, I won’t be able to hide…



The ending is just the beginning …..

A dark and gripping prequel to a new mafia series….this book is all about introductions, beginnings…and endings

Seen mostly through the eyes of Ophelia, the world in which these characters exist is an opulent facade where power and influence is determined by the last, brutal and violent men standing..

Revenge is most definitely not sweet….. and the ending is undoubtedly just the start; I can not wait to begin…

~Sheena (4/5)