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Out now! Review: Between Here and the Horizon – Callie Hart

between-here-and-the-horizonBetween Here and the Horizon by Callie Hart
Series: standalone
Genre: new adult, romance
Themes: military, enemies to lovers

Ophelia Lang needs money, and she needs it bad. Her parent’s restaurant is going under, and ever since she lost her job teaching third grade elementary, scraping enough cash together to pay the bills has proven almost impossible. Her parents are on the brink of losing their home. The vultures are circling overhead. So when Ophelia is offered an interview for a well-paid private tutoring gig in New York, how can she possibly say no?

Ronan Fletcher is far from the overweight, balding businessman Ophelia expected him to be. He’s young, handsome, and wealthy beyond all reason. He’s also perhaps the coldest, rudest person she’s ever met, and has a mean streak in him a mile and a half wide. A hundred grand is a lot of money, however, and if tolerating his frosty temperament, his erratic mood swings and whatever else he throws at her means she’ll get paid, then that is what Ophelia will do.

Her new boss is keeping secrets, though. Awful, terrible secrets.

The ghosts of Ronan Fletcher’s past are about to turn Ophelia’s future upside down, and she can’t even see it coming.

Between Here and The Horizon is a brand new standalone contemporary romance novel from USA Today bestselling author, Callie Hart. Between Here and the Horizon does contain some scenes of violence and sexual content, and so is directed at audience 18+.

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Heat: ★★★
Rating: ★★★★

He was fearless. He was confident. He was strong, and he was honest. He was also a little broken – a truth that he didn’t mind owning.

This is another of many books I’ve read recently that I’m struggling to review, simply because I do not want to give away any of the storyline, whilst somehow encouraging you to one-click the damn book right now. So if you could trust me, that’d make my life a lot easier right now…

“God, loving you is the cruelest, most unkind thing I can do to you, and yet I’m going to do it anyway.”

There are so many plot twists, the first of which left me utterly gobsmacked, made me sit up and drop my Kindle, and made me want to continue reading all through the night. Hart has done a fabulous job here of hinting in the synopsis at what is to happen, yet making it a story completely different to the one I was expecting.

He was a man possessed. I was a woman lost. Together, we were two halves of something fragile and delicate, beautiful in its complexity.

This was crushing, heartwarming and wonderfully romantic(and even occasionally pretty funny, too). A welcome diversion of Hart’s typical grittier reads, this still packs an emotional punch whilst delivering a story about personal growth, with none of the forced angst so typical in romance books these days. This is a couple to really rally behind.

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REVIEW: Love Letters – Drea St. James

Love LettersLove Letters by Drea St. James
Series: Love Notes #2 (can standalone)
Genre: romance
Themes: enemies to lovers, secret pregnancy
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Every action has a consequence. Some result in pink hair; others change your life forever. Ally Spencer knows this all too well. One foolish decision turned her world upside down and left her pregnant and alone. Now she is stuck in the middle of nowhere with the one person she never wanted to see again. So, what’s a girl to do but keep her state a secret and shovel peanut butter by the kilo?

Beckett Hester made a mistake and ruined the best thing that ever happened to him. From the moment he met Ally he was drawn to her. One wrong decision and a panicked escape later, and she has placed him on her Do Not Contact list next to Satan. Yet, Beckett would do anything to win her back.

When the opportunity arises to spend four whole weeks with Ally, he jumps at the chance. Will he be able to convince her that she means everything to him, or did he miss the chance for a happily ever after?

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Heat: ★
Rating: ★★★

You are the kettle to my pot, The Windsor to my knot.

I enjoyed this one. I blitzed through it one sitting, made easier by the relaxed writing style which took very little concentration on my part. This was a pretty typical enemies to lovers/secret pregnancy romance. Although there wasn’t quite as much chemistry between Ally and Beckett as I would have liked (nor was there the uber-hot enemies sex scene to look forward to), their incessant bickering was excellent, and I still wanted to read on and continue the story, particularly due to the relationship and camaraderie between Ally and Liv, the protagonist from the first instalment.

“She hates me. She would leave me on the side of the road. Maybe back over me just to make sure I’m done for.”

As with all secret pregnancy plots, I tend to get caught up in how blind people could be. For me, it takes away the realism just a little (particularly if two people are alone together for a month and one is constantly tired, sick, fat and avoiding alcohol!). Yet, there’s something about them; perhaps it’s the immensely heartwarming feeling when everything comes together and people step up to their roles in life.

There’s not really much else I can say. It was a candyfloss book, deliciously sweet but lacking any real substance, with a predictable plot and characters which weren’t quite complex enough for my liking.

Would I read the prequel? Yes – who can say no to a little candyfloss?

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REVIEW: Mr. Perfect – J.A. Huss

Mr PerfectMr. Perfect by J.A. Huss
Series: Mister #1
Genre: erotic romance
Themes: office romance, enemies to lovers
Archetype: billionaire, alpha
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Wanting the perfect man doesn’t make me crazy. I just know what I like.

A powerful billionaire in a suit wasn’t even my first choice. McAllister Stonewall was never on my radar, I didn’t even know he existed.

But I do now.

His hands are all over me at work. The heat of his chest pressing against my bare back as he bends me over the desk is the only thing on my mind.

He is my most forbidden desires unleashed. He is my new secret obsession. He is my Mr. Perfect.

Until the moment I realize… There’s no such thing as perfect.

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Heat: ★★★★
Rating: ★★★★

How can he be so damn hot and so damn despicable at the same time?

I skimmed through a few of the other reviews before putting my own into words, mainly because I enjoyed this so much that I was curious as to why there were so many mixed reviews. The main theme that kept coming up was that some of Mac’s actions were considered a little “rapey”, leading to a few DNFs and poor reviews. I understand this, I do – but this wasn’t an issue for me. Maybe my mind has just been warped from all the dark erotic I’ve been reading. Yes, there were some coercion scenes here, dub-con at a push, but I felt Huss’ narrative made it absolutely clear that Ellie didwant what was happening. Yes, there was kink and filth, but from where I was reading, it was all consensual, justpushing the boundaries of erotic fantasy a little. So don’t let that stop you if you’re concerned about this read.

“Talk to me like a dirty slut, Ellie, and I’ll make you come so hard, your legs will spasm and your body will collapse.”

Moving on – this was a fucking hot read. Who doesn’t enjoy delving into the office romance fantasies with an outrageously alpha boss, especially when they involve a wonderfully dominant character, right from the start?And especially when they involve one of those rare, proper face-fucking scenes. And it was outrageous. There was a fair bit of melodrama and overreaction, with both characters. Yet, I just couldn’t tear myself away from this romance. Not only was it hideously heartwarming, but it was also incredibly funny. I read the first 25% whilst my brother was watching Stranger Things, and he kicked me out because I was laughing so hard. Huss just kept making these awfully cringeworthy moments even worse, and I fucking loved it.

I like his power. I like the way he talks to me. The way he assumes I will just obey his commands.

This was by no means perfect – it was a pretty predictable, typical romance plot, complete with big romantic gestures, but where it felt better was both with the sex and chemistry between the two leads, and Ellie’s character. She was adorable, delusional and clutzy. And kinky. I very much enjoyed seeing her character progression throughout these pages, one of the stronger aspects of this read. Would I read the sequel? Absolutely. Bring it on.

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RELEASE & REVIEW: Perv – Dakota Gray

Perv Ebook CoverPerv – Dakota Gray
Series: Filth #1
Genre: erotica
Theme: enemies to lovers, revenge
Archetype: playboy
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I’m honest about what I am. You want to screw until you can’t see straight? I’m your guy. You want to experience the best oral orgasm of your life, don’t pass go and collect two-hundred dollars. Eating you for dessert is my specialty. I live for that. Skinny, average or meat on your bones, I don’t care. Blonde, brunette…white, Asian, black…

 Are you pink where it counts? Then you’re my type.

 I’m your guy.

 For the duration of our affair, I will call you Sugar because I can’t bother to retain your name.
That’s the kind of man I am, and you will know that going in. I make sure of it.
So it’s not my fault her friend loved me, but She is going to make me pay for that.
And I’m too addicted to her taste to walk away.




Excerpt 1

“Since you seem to know everything about me, tell me something.”

“Tell me my name.” She raises a brow.


I pull a hand through my hair and figure shit is going south anyway. I lean down so my mouth is right on her earlobe. “Stealth.”

She puts a hand to my chest and laughs. “What?”

“You put your tits on the counter to get the bartender’s attention. That’s stealthy so…Stealth and Heels.”

“And or in?” There’s amusement in her tone and she hasn’t pushed me away.


“So you’re admitting you have no idea what my name is?”


To my surprise she leans into me, leaving no room between us. My cock perks to attention. Her dress is a second skin. I can pretend for a moment she’s bare against me, and though I’m not a tits man, hers are full and soft—I want to lick, bite and suck them until her eyes roll back.

She tilts her head and we’re cheek to cheek. “I know what you are, Nathan. I know what you need.”

She’s speaking words, but all I can hear in her low, sultry tone is fuck me hard. And I’m an accommodating man. “Are you going to give it to me?”

What? I’m not going to say no. Or talk her out of whatever she’s planning to do.

“You torture women, you know that, right?” The huskiness in her voice is the best friction.

“Torture?” I ask.

“Mind blowing head. And then they have to somehow live the rest of their lives cold turkey or with second best. That makes you an asshole.”

“Not my fault I’m good at what I do.”

She shifts and her skin brushes my cheek again. “It is when you know damn well the woman is looking to settle down.”

“I never lie.”

“You never turn a woman away either.”

“They’re all adults.” I don’t fuck women who need help. Genuine help. Telling her that feels too much like defending my life choices. I don’t make a woman believe I can love her. That’s cruel.

She huffs. “You have every intention of destroying her world.”

Red flashes over my vision at the accusation. “And what are you going to do about it, Sugar?”

She laughs—I’m not sure if it’s at me—and I fucking feel the sound in my every bone. “You want a taste of me, Nathan?”

 Excerpt 2

“Do you remember her now?”

Nope, and if I cop to that she might throw her drink in my face, and that would pretty much tell me she wouldn’t ever have sex with me.


Women are strange.

“If I apologized would that make you happy?” I offer this and mean it. “You can call her up, and I’ll let her know that I fucked her over and I wish her all the best.”

Her breath shudders as she inhales. “Would you mean it, or do you just fake sincerity?”

“I sincerely want you on my bed.” I turn my face to the side, ready for the slap of liquid.

A laugh spills out. “Go away, you pig.”

This is why I only lie during breakups. Truth is better even if it bites on its way out. And, God, I love her laugh. It’s just a sexy sound, and her brown eyes light up when she does it. “I’m going to wait in vain.”

“You’re going to wait to see what kind of car I get into and jot down my license plate.”

Likely. I’m craving more details about her. If I find them all, the mystery of her can fucking die. “And you’re not bothered by any of that?”

“I like being able to tell you you’re the scum of the earth. To your face. As often as I can. Brings me joy.”

It’s my turn to laugh, and shit, I’m starting to like this sexy, twisted, pain in my ass, but one thing is bugging me. Okay. Several things about her make me twitchy. I just need to know one thing if I’m ever going to be sane again. “How’d you know?”


“That I’d want to eat you?”

“You’re a pervert. It’s not about me. It’s about the fact you can’t have me. I’m epic in your mind simply because I told you no.” A glance over my shoulder and she’s moving away from me.

I look. The redhead stands at the door. Her brows go up, and she pans her gaze to Stealth. And Stealth makes a ‘forget him’ gesture and moves over to a table. Once again I’m dismissed. I’m not even meat.

I’ve always known I wasn’t wrapped too tight. Other boys were getting perpetual boners over tight shirts and short shorts. I practically cried with joy over the daisy dukes trend because camel toes were on rampant display. I watched porn for the pussy eating scenes, which I soon learned was all bullshit. If you eat pussy like they do in porn, that’s why your wife is always mad at you.

Why the inner monologue about this?

She dismissed me without a backward glance…and I want to fuck her until we both die. I’m going to make a home at a table and wait for her.


Heat: ★★★★
Rating: ★★★

Yes. Attraction is that simple for me. Would I like her to sit on my face? Yes. Proceed. No? Pass. I am nothing if not a simple man.

I enjoyed this one. It was somewhat refreshing, and I felt that Gray managed to write in Nate’s voice particularly well. The style was short, sharp and snappy, reminding me of an episode of Scandal (if Scandal were a show about a cunnilingus fetish). However, due to this snappy style, there were a couple of occasions, particularly towards the end, thatlost me very slightly, requiring an extra read-through just to ensure I’d understood what was being said.

Much of this felt like a study in female pleasure, with the detail provided about Nate’s skills and his process of sex. There was a danger of this being too clinical, but actually it worked as not only did it make the scenes steamier, and Nate’s mouth filthier, it described the female body, “warts and all”, contributing to the crude nature of the narrative and, once again, being something rarely found in any romance or erotica.

“If you’d let me, I’d sit you on the bar and make you squirt.”

The crudeness of this novel and its characters was a breath of fresh air, no hold barred, some parts making me chuckle, others surprising me with their pure filth, and I loved it. There’s nothing better than a filthy mouthed hero in an erotica novel, even if he’s pretty unlikeable. And this, I feel, is the core of the novel – Nate is not a nice guy. It’s difficult to get to know him, to approve of his actions, even though he is nothing if not honest. Despite the humour, despite some of his questionable actions, I actually felt, in some places, an underlying feeling almost of pity, but not quite. A softer feeling I can’t quite name yet, but one which contributed to the depth of the novel, along with the endingbig reveal which provided a more serious tone.

“You’re a pervert. It’s not about me. It’s about the fact you can’t have me.”

I really did enjoy reading this one. The sex scenes weredeliciously filthy, the underlying depth was a nice surprise, as was the style. I just wish, after all that, I had left the novel feeling like I really knew Stealth (I won’t use her real name as I don’t like spoilers) and Nate, so I could really be invested in their relationship. But, if you enjoy erotica and dirty talking heroes, definitely give this a read.


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REVIEW: The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge Volume II – Deana Farrady



Chicago billionaire Jonas Westerling has it all: money, power, a reputation for brilliance, a family he will fiercely protect…and the burning need for revenge.

Linnea Melbourne has nothing. No friends, no lovers, no worldly experience, no resources…and no idea what’s about to happen to her.

Jonas has hated Linnea for years, with no way to forgive her…until now. At last he will take his revenge, make Linnea pay for her crimes and finally put the past behind him.

There’s only one…tiny…problem. Linnea is innocent.

Now she’s paying for somebody else’s sins with her body, becoming the plaything he demands, doing every naughty thing he commands. Because if she doesn’t, somebody else will pay – somebody she must protect at all costs.

Yet behind his cold rage, behind her shocked sorrow, there’s something else simmering – a red-hot, decade-long passion that might never burn out, no matter what disturbing secrets come to light…

The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge is a love story, a tale of dominance and a story of redemption. It is extremely spicy and not intended for readers under age 18.

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RELEASE & REVIEW: Off Limits – Lola Darling

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I hate Max Davis.
I hate his cocky, overconfident smirk and the way every woman in the office drools over him. I hate the irresistible way he fills out his suit and his manwhore ways. I hate his tempting touch and the way he makes me want to break all the rules. His Clark Kent Glasses, his cheesy sense of humor, his animalistic desire to have me—on my desk, against the filing cabinet, spread out across the conference table.

I hate that he’s my number one competition and if we’re caught, I lose it all. And most of all, I hate that he’s off-limits and I just can’t stay away.


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Title: Off Limits
Author: Lola Darling
Series: standalone
Category: erotic romance, enemies-to-lovers
Heat: 4/5
Plot: 3/5
Rating: 4.5

This is the first book I’ve read by Lola Darling, and it had its fair share of heated moments, unbelievably thick sexual tension, and a subplot that kept me engrossed enough. I liked that the precursive flirting to the relationship lasted over half the book, really making me root for them to finally get together, and for their first sexual encounter, which did not disappoint.

There were a few aspects introduced towards the beginning of the book which didn’t come to much, such as that of wishing to create one’s own life and not repeat the mistakes of parents. I feel these could have been utilised for a slightly deeper read. The supporting characters were strong, though I’d maybe have liked to have seen them a little more often throughout, a little closer to the action. Though, they were vital in conveying the message that workaholics need to start living, too, a deeper issue welcome in a romance novel.

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REVIEW: The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge (Volume 1) – Deana Farrady



Chicago billionaire Jonas Westerling has it all: money, power, a reputation for brilliance, a family he will fiercely protect…and the burning need for revenge.

Linnea Melbourne has nothing. No friends, no lovers, no worldly experience, no resources…and no idea what’s about to happen to her.

Jonas has hated Linnea for years, with no way to forgive her…until now. At last he will take his revenge, make Linnea pay for her crimes and finally put the past behind him.

There’s only one…tiny…problem. Linnea is innocent.

Now she’s paying for somebody else’s sins with her body, becoming the plaything he demands, doing every naughty thing he commands. Because if she doesn’t, somebody else will pay – somebody she must protect at all costs.

Yet behind his cold rage, behind her shocked sorrow, there’s something else simmering – a red-hot, decade-long passion that might never burn out, no matter what disturbing secrets come to light…


Hot Vengeance
Angry Vengenance
Golden Vengeance
Velvet Vengeance
Satin Vengeance


Title: The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge, volume 1
Author: Deanna Farrady
Series: The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge #1-5
Category: erotica, BDSM, romance, enemies to lovers
Rating: ***

The best part of this box set was the sex. It is unashamedly erotica at its finest, even from the outset, incorporating elements of BDSM including humiliation, which tends to be a rare find in a book. Yet, where it lacks is the subplot. Although containing elements of the dark genre, for me it just didn’t go far enough, and the history of the two characters kept being mentioned but seemed to really have very little point other than to be an excuse to write such sizzling erotica. Similarly, although leaning towards a HEA, I have found very little chemistry between the two characters, and Linnea is a bit weak for my tastes. I am not a huge fan of serials as feel they detract from the overall story; perhaps a longer full-length novel would have been a better idea.

Regardless, highly enjoyable material for your pleasure awaits.

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REVIEW: Tiger Shark – L.P. Lovell

tiger sharkTitle: Tiger Shark
Author: L.P. Lovell
Series: standalone
Genre: enemies-to-lovers erotic romance
Rating: ****

I’m going to start my review by mentioning that this book has one of the hottest scenes I have ever read in it. I had to re-read it straight after and err…you know the rest.

Power plays on the sexual side of things are really something I enjoy reading, and this didn’t disappoint. Georgia was an absolute bitch, and I loved reading her snide comments and knowing there was a heart underneath it all. Alongside the sex, she was probably the best part of this story – funny, strong and independent.

This was well-written, extremely steamy and entirely believable, not infused with pointless angst but rather interestingly crafted relationships. It would have been nice to have seen Georgia struggle a bit more for power on the sexual side after their first encounter as she didn’t strike me as someone to submit quite so easily. There was still a struggle, but it seemed like the situation was accepted a little quickly based on her independence. Regardless, this was wonderfully steamy, and I just had to read it all in one sitting.