REVIEW: Bourbon Sins by Meghan Quinn

A re-release of some of Meghan Quinn’s earlier work, this is a rather strange change from her current brand of romantic comedy (yet still retains some humorous moments which made me snort aloud). It’s a little unsettling at first because it’s just not what I expected to read, but it was well worth sticking with.

There are a lot of themes here: a touch of BDSM, a bit of a love triangle, protector, and, of course, the sex worker theme which is the main setting of the novel. I enjoyed reading this a lot; it was sexy, it genuinely piqued my interest, and the characters seemed wonderfully fleshed out to me.

What I struggled with (and “struggled” is perhaps not the right term here) is the love triangle aspect…these are always tricky and emotional to write, and one side of readers will be alienated from the choices made. Unfortunately, I was in that particular camp this time, and therefore found myself frustrated! This isn’t really a criticism—Quinn made me feel, and that’s important to me when reading. I like it to be an experience rather than just going through the motions, and boy, was it that.

My only true gripe was just how repetitive it was. Characters kept going on about their feelings and how they couldn’t do certain things because it wasn’t in their nature—well, we get this after being told the first time, so it was a little irritating to me.

Otherwise, Goldie was wonderfully developed (perhaps to the detriment of Jett, and maybe slightly with Kace), a flawed yet strong heroine very much ruled by her sex drive and her desire for security. Someone crude, who drinks a little too much and makes her own mistakes. That was the joy in this novel.

I’m looking forward to the next one.

~Evelyn (3/5)

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