Review: Deadly Demons – Adam Reese & Alexia Vice

deadly-demonsDeadly Demons by Adam Reese & Alexia Vice
Series: Triple D #2
Genre: horror

After a weekend of sex and murder, Nathan has discovered he is not the only one with sinister secrets and addictions. He is faced with accepting another woman in his life that could possibly be the key to breaking him from his own selfish ways. It has been a fun weekend for him, but now he must escape the law and find a new place to hide. Will he be able to continue living the life of deadly dominance, or will he fall in the hands of the police?

Adrianna is Nathan’s number one fan and ultimate love interest. She may appear to have a conservative shell over all of her clothes, but underneath it all, she is just as sex driven as Nathan. After she murders her friend Mandy and discovers her own deadly demons, she realizes a life with her favorite author is all she wants even if it means facing his past with… Mrs. Red.

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Heat: ★★
Rating: ★★

As the previous instalment, I found this a very difficult review to write, simply because there is a discrepancy between my enjoyment of reading it and my urge to continue reading it. I.e. I didn’t enjoy it but I couldn’t put the fucker down. As with the last one, I’m going to continue to do my review a little differently to normal.

She is a quiet book worm who can devour a cock just as well as a novel.

What I liked
– Reese & Vice really go out there. There is no fear of portraying some absolutely vile events, including cannibalism, paedophilia, rape and gruesome, brutal murder. Something to commend them for.
– I honestly felt the urge to continue reading despite feeling a bit sick at times.
– I liked the third POV added to this one.

My desires have finally been unlocked from the depths of black that resonate in this already diminished shell

What I didn’t like
– I’m still not actually sure what the fuck was going on.
– It was gore for the sake of gore and shock, rather than for any plot.
– I honestly, for the life of me, couldn’t keep up with these characters. One moment they felt one thing, then they did something completely different, then they went back to the first thing…WTF?! Be consistent. Stop backtracking. These characters need to be fully-fledged.

I can taste the sweet revenge on my wet lips. Nathan is revealing my true self with each lustful whisper from his novels. I feel a connection so enthralling, its dark mystic wanders in the shadows of my dreams.

Overall, although a slight step up from the previous, and despite having some positives, this series needs a fully-fledged plot and fully-developed characters for me to give it higher than two stars. A commendable effort, which, once again, doesn’t quite meet its potential.

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Review: Deadly Dominance – Adam Reese & Alexia Vice

deadly-dominanceDeadly Dominance by Adam Reese & Alexia Vice
Series: Triple D #1
Genre: erotic horror

Nathan Andrews lives the luxurious life of a successful author. His charms and humor capture the ladies, and his gruesome tales grip his male audience. When he finds himself in trouble, he runs away to his lake house where his darkest secrets come to life. All monsters have to look respectable for their unfortunate victims…

Warning ADULT 18+
Graphic violence, Sexual Content, drug use, and language.

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Themes: BDSM, serial killer
Heat: ★★★

Rating: ★★

What the fuck did I just read?

It’s funny how it gets easier each time to kill. I try to keep this beast tamed, but self-control is no longer on my side.

Okay. Here goes. This is an extraordinarily difficult review to write, and I debated long and hard about the rating – because I genuinely found myself engrossed in this story. But there were a few things that just remained in the back of my mind the entire time I was reading it. I’ll write this review a little differently from normal.

The good bits
– Gore. Lots of gore.
– Shock factor. And it takes a lot to shock me nowadays.
– Successfully combining erotica with horror and making me incredibly confused about my reactions. Like, the awkward moment you realise you have a lady boner when someone’s being fucked so hard they pretty much die.
– Originality.

Staring at both bodies, one still breathing and the other slowly falling to death, I feel consumed by the darkness. There is nothing that can bring me back from Lucifer’s playground.

The bad bits
– This was too short; I wanted a slower build, and more suspense before the climax.
– I never really got to know the characters other than their utter psychopathy.
– I hate flashbacks. With a burning passion. They never fit seamlessly with the text.
– It was a little bit messy (and I’m not talking about the gore). The descriptions were sometimes pretty complex and it was difficult to grasp what was going on. There was no pacing; it was all gore and horror and bizarrely erotic creppy-ass sex (and creepy ass sex).

The worst bit
-It really could have done with a decent proofread. I can forgive ARCs, trusting that errors will be picked up, but I do expect a little more when I purchase a book.

“Let me be clear that you are about to step into my dark fantasy. I don’t know if you’ll make it to the other side with me because I don’t do any safe words. I only do what my body forces me to do. You have no control anymore, Slave. You are now just a piece of meat for me to play with,”

Overall, a crazily enjoyable, original, WTF storyline that will please fans of the pitch black genre, despite being hampered somewhat by its fast pacing, errors and underdeveloped characters.