[Review] A Taste of Shine by Addison Cain


Chicago’s reigning kingpin wants Charlotte back under his wing. His right-hand-man wants her in his bed. But small-town moonshiner, Matthew Emerson, just wants her right where she is—safe in his arms and hidden away from her sordid past.

Trouble is, Charlotte’s not that kind of girl. The spitfire has her own reckoning to bring, and the last thing she wants is someone thinking she’s worth protecting.



I really, really enjoyed this.

As a long-term fan of Addison Cain (although I admittedly haven’t read this in its original form—A Trick of the Light), this is by far the lightest work of hers I have ever got my hands on. Going in, I wasn’t really sure how the Queen of Darkness would make this work.

It was truly a delightful read. I powered through it, not wanting to put it down for a second, and adored its historical background, the slightly darker (and gory) undertones at the occasional violence, and of course, how much of a slow-burner the romance was. Both Matthew and Charlotte were absolutely fantastic and strong in their own rights, and the supporting cast was as developed as they were.

Absolutely fabulous. Light and fun with the perfect dose of steam!



[Review] Silent Captive by Addison Cain


Wren is caught in the clutches of three dangerous Alphas, each with their own selfish designs.

One wants pleasures only an Omega can offer. Another desires affection, yet gives only cruelty in return. And the last—and by far most dangerous—he craves love, but has no idea how to return it.

Silent Captive: Wren’s Song Book 2 is a dark, sinister Omegaverse Reverse Harem tale for those with twisted tastes and a passion for unabashed bad boys. Complete power exchange dominates these pages, as do THREE smoking-hot Alpha antiheroes.



I thought I was prepared for this…I wasn’t. At all.

I was about halfway through before I realised how dark this was. Having read (and adored) the other books in this universe, I was expecting there to be some form of romance within the darkness—like Shepherd, whom I have an unhealthy obsession with to this day.

Be warned—this is different. I found it entirely unerotic, and at times quite a challenging read, especially because I really, really do not like Caspian or Kieran at this point, and only Toby slightly more. And yet, I could not put it down. I wanted to read more of Wren’s plight, to delve into the despair, to explore the Warrens and the corner of this perfectly crafted universe and the vastly different type of Alpha these three were in comparison to the norm.

This is the most sinister and brutal of Cain’s work to date, a spiral down a rabbit hole in which there are glimmers of hope extinguished all too soon, and plenty of pain—all perfectly described by Cain’s brilliant writing. I felt everything, every single emotion pulled from Wren, despite her being unable to express herself.

God, I can’t wait to read more.



The Golden Line by Addison Cain


The Golden Line by Addison Cain

It’s no secret that Addison Cain is one of my favourite authors of all time. Whenever I’m in a book funk, I pick up anything of hers and shove my nose deep into my Kindle. It’s the perfect cure, and I can honestly say I could read any of her work over and over again. It’s original and exquisite, and the former is something difficult to find in today’s saturated indie book market.

The Golden Line is probably the first book in the last few months that has actually made me stop and savour it. I consumed it in one day, but I rolled the delicious words around in my mouth in felt the dark eroticism to my very core.

This is a story to really get into, characters to actually quite literally care about, and a world to revisit over and over again. Morgaine was fabulous, and Simin her dark hero — and yes, ‘hero’ is the correct word for him in this one — and the plot was not at all what I was expecting, taking a fork about halfway through to truly make this a different work from Born to be Bound and the Alpha’s Claim trilogy.

Fantastic and worthy in its own right, The Golden Line is one of my top releases of 2018.

NB: The Golden Line was originally a short story, Consumed, published in the Royally Mine anthology. It has been extensively extended and is well worth picking up even if you’ve read the original.



REVIEW: Stolen by Addison Cain

The first few chapters of this are the same as the freebie prelude to the series, Absolute Power, so if you’ve read that, you’ll need to skip ahead slightly. If not, don’t bother with it and just go straight for this gem.

What a pleasure it is to be back in Addison Cain’s Omegaverse, following old and new characters after the apocalyptic events of the previous trilogy. I was amazed at how seamlessly their stories were interwoven, how much I felt for new characters, and how mellow and emotionally affected I was by old ones. I think the main thing about this series (aside from its minor beasty themes) is how emotionally invested it makes the reader. In fact, it amazes me how much depth these books have alongside the erotica (which, by the way, Cain has absolutely perfected).

I was a little apprehensive going into this about just how similar it would be to Shepherd and Claire’s story, but was quickly appeased. This new dome has its own culture, and despite similar themes due to the way the universe has been established, the plot and relationships work on an entirely different level, making it refreshing yet familiar.

The ending was, as ever, totally unexpected and well worth the read. I can’t wait to see what happens—to both sets of characters.

~Evelyn (5/5)


REVIEW: Absolute Power by Addison Cain

I struggled with my rating and review for this one, and it’s the only book (so far) I’ve felt the need to go back to to change my rating. Here’s why.

The book itself was spectacular. It introduced new characters in Cain’s Omegaverse seamlessly, and made me entirely desperate to read on and indulge in the next book.

However, it gets a 3* rating from me because it’s a little misleading. It isn’t a prequel. It’s the first few chapters of the full first book of the series, Stolen. So, to me (an avid Addison Cain fan), I ended up feeling disappointed and like this was a bit of a waste of time. However, for someone who isn’t sure if this series is for them, it’ll be great. Just start from book one of the first series.

~Evelyn (3/5)

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REVIEW: Reborn by Addison Cain

The third and final in Addison Cain’s spectacular Alpha’s Claim series,Reborn is a fitting, apocalyptic end to this part of the dystopian tale. I loved every second of it (even the parts I found difficult to read — and trust me, they were plenty).

The most wonderful part of this was experiencing Shepherd’s increasing vulnerability, and the progression of his relationship with Claire—their battle continuing and heightened, yet their feelings truly beginning to emerge.

This was at times harrowing, but Cain has done an amazing job of not only making this a book I had to consume, but also one which pulled at me emotionally, from the touching pain of Shepherd to the gut-wrenching devastation towards the end.

And what an ending it was.

~Evelyn (5/5)

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REVIEW: Born to be Broken by Addison Cain

If you’re planning on reading this second instalment of the stunningly good Alpha’s Claim series by Addison Cain, make sure you do it soon after the first. I left it too long and it made me struggle through the first few chapters, unsure of the intricacies of this universe—which is absolutely one of my favourite fictional universes to date.

However, once I was fully immersed back in it, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I was reading this at work, hiding my Kindle under my notepad. The character and relationship development between Claire and Shepherd was just fascinating. Cain’s decision to write in the third-person allows us to understand the thoughts and motives of each character (and a few secondary ones), so we can acknowledge the tension and misunderstanding. I loved how Claire and Shepherd swapped places, of a fashion, with Shepherd becoming more human. Their back and forth struggle, and the erotic/romantic undercurrent really was the crux of the novel.

Things feel like they’re building to a head, and from what I’ve heard about book three, it’s going to be a crazy ride. I’ll see you on the other side.

~Evelyn (4/5)