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Out now! Hooked – A.M. Hargrove & Terri E. Laine

hookedHooked by A.M. Hargrove & Terri E. Laine
Series: A Wilde Players Dirty Romance #3
Genre: contemporary romance

I’ve had my eye on him since we were teenagers.

I even managed to kiss him once.

But once wasn’t enough.

He stars in every one of my dirty fantasies.

Now it’s time for my dreams to come true.

He’s smart, sexy, and gorgeous, and currently single.

When I hear he’s in a position to act as my caddie for a week,

I decide to bite the bullet and jump on him. I mean it.

Who am I kidding?

I have one week to blow his mind and other things too.

I can only hope my heart survives every one of our heated encounters and that he gets hooked before I do.

Powerless to stop him, I can only hope my heart isn’t another casualty of his fastball.

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Out now! Review: Fastball – A.M. Hargrove & Terri E. Laine

fastballFastball by A.M. Hargrove & Terri E. Laine
Series: A Wilde Players Dirty Romance #2 (can standalone)
Genre: erotic romance
Themes: fling to thing, BDSM, sports

Our relationship starts off like a bad joke.

A gorgeous guy walks into a bar and says to me, “Do you want to F#ck?” and damn if I don’t say yes.

And that should have been it—the punch line.

We never should’ve seen each other again.

Only we do.

Turns out sex on a stick, Ryder Wilde, is more than an orgasm-giver. He’s a player. Not just any either. A Major League Baseball pitcher. And damn, I want to be his catcher.

Except he doesn’t want to play any games or follow my rules:

No relationships.

No falling in love.

Because he’s used to winning … and wants to claim me as his prize.

His mission is to own me, body and soul, no matter how much I push him away.

Powerless to stop him, I can only hope my heart isn’t another casualty of his fastball.

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Heat: ★★★★
Rating: ★★★

Reviewer’s note: although this can standalone, full enjoyment will come from having read the first instalment in the series.

Hargrove and Laine have written a wonderfully hot erotic romance here, with enough depth to it to keep it interesting and more than just sex with no plot. I found this perfectly paced, a fairly quick read that managed to progress and develop at the right speed without leaving anything out, and allowing understanding of the characters and where they were emotionally.

I loved how this dived straight in, immediately to steam with no set up, something a little refreshing and different to many of the other romances I’ve read recently. And although their relationship was clearly set up in the previous instalment, I didn’t feel like I really missed anything crucial.

“I would gift you the stars just to see them twinkle in your eyes because you’re more than this, Gina. More than the sum of your experiences.”

My main gripe with the story was the lack of honestly between the characters, making the angst seem a little forced at times. I was also unable to really tell the ages of these characters, as although I feel they were painted to be mid to late twenties, they really did act immaturely and have younger voices. And, despite the super steamy sex, I never quite felt the sexual tension between the two characters which was a shame for me. Neither did I really grow attached emotionally to either character.

Above all, although (like everyone) I’m a huge fan of a happily ever after, I found that everything came together a little too easily and perfectly towards the end.

Regardless of its drawbacks, I really did enjoy reading this, particularly with its BDSM twist, and will be going back to read the first one.

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REVIEW: A Beautiful Sin – Terri E. Laine & A.M. Hargrove

a beautiful sinTitle: A Beautiful Sin
Author: Terri E. Laine & A.M. Hargrove
Series: standalone
Genre: drama/forbidden romance
Rating: ****

This is a beautiful story, with the forbidden romance aspect largely on the back-burner for the majority. Instead, the focus is on overcoming abuse, learning to accept the past and overcoming it, alongside finding solace in one another. It’s hard at times to read, but absolutely worth it.

Despite its beauty, it was in no means perfect. I found that it was lacking slightly in emotional impact despite its subject matter, leaving me a little colder throughout that I would have liked. Similarly, there was a lot of telling, rather than showing, in the narrative. Yet this pales in comparison to the actual storyline, which was absolutely gripping. I needed to know how it was resolved, and although it uses some typical romance tropes (no spoilers here, don’t worry), it did it in a way that felt natural and important to the story and the growth of these two characters, rather than an extra bit of drama to mix into the pot for the sake of it.

A very strong, beautiful story about overcoming the demons of the past.