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Tour & Review: Wicked Little Words – Stevie J. Cole & B.T. Urruela

WickedLittleWordsWicked Little Worlds by Stevie J. Cole & BT Urruela
Series: standalone

Genre: dark psychological suspense

Edwin Allen Mercer

I want them all to read my words. And they do. Every last blood-stained sentence, they’ve read and praised me for. They love the gore and violence, the realness. And I get a sense of power with it all because I know a secret: the victims in my books—they’re real and have all died on my table. And maybe that’s why the last book had such awful reviews. Murder is, after all, a dirty little thing. Some can stomach it. Others can’t. My answer to those reviews: find a woman to co-author with. To be the next pathetic character in my book. Pity she’s so pretty.

Miranda Cross

All I’ve ever wanted was to be successful as a writer so when I was offered the opportunity to co-author a book with my idol, EA Mercer, I jumped at the chance. He’s beautiful and a literary genius, but something about him makes my stomach knot. And maybe it’s my overactive imagination making my hairs stand on end when he walks up behind me.

After all, these wicked little words we’re typing are only fiction. They’re only fiction…

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Themes: BDSM, law enforcement, serial killer
Heat: ★★★
Rating: ★★★★

Holy shitballs, what an ending. I was not expecting that.

I fight the urge to end her because I like making her come, making her moan, and all at the touch of a murderer. It’s my dirty little secret, my wicked little lie.

I’m not really sure what to say – I don’t want to spoil this novel and monster plot twist for anyone, so as ever in this situation, I’ll keep it brief. This was very clever and very gory, a proper little psychological mindfuck. Cole & Urruela have done a fantastic job of co-authoring, melding this world seamlessly together. There were some slight hints dropped throughout that nothing was quite as it seems – but nothing big enough to give away the ending at all.

After all, someone who can conjure up the twisted shit he writes…how much can you really trust someone with an imagination like that?

If you’re after love, romance and happiness, you’re in the wrong place. There is none of that here. This is pure intrigue and suspense, with a little bit of the darker side of erotica thrown in for good measure.

My only gripe? I feel like this could have been longer. It was a little rushed towards the ending and I also wanted a few more of those super-sexy, super-rough sex scenes with the good old choking. I feel like it could have been drawn out a little more, really sucking us in before backhanding us around the face at the end.

He looks as though he would ruin me. And that dirty part of the soul that every last one of us has, it wants to be tainted. It yearns for something to make me feel filthy.

A fantastic co-authored novel, this shocks, horrifies and arouses in equal measure.

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Out now! Review: Wake to Dream – Lily White

wake-to-dreamWake to Dream by Lily White
Series: standalone
Genre: psychological suspense
Themes: abduction, amnesia, mental health

Alice Beaumont is running out of time…

Plagued by sleep disorders since her childhood, Alice had grown accustomed to the nightly dreams that terrorized her. She woke up in strange places. She was paralyzed by fear and hallucinations. She screamed each night at unseen specters and evil faces.

When her sister, Delilah, goes missing, Alice’s dreams take on new meaning. A link between reality and fantasy, Alice understands that her dreams hold the key to the mystery of her sister’s abduction.

A hooded woman…
A mysterious and dangerous man…
And a doctor who is determined to help her fit together the broken pieces…

Alice has no choice but to peer deep into the recesses of her mind to discover the clues that will lead her to truth. On a race to save her sister, Alice runs a dangerous maze between the nightmares that haunt her and the monster that waits for her when she finally wakes.

This title deals with disturbing themes that may be a trigger for sensitive readers.

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Heat: ★★
Rating: ★★★★

“I’m not crazy, you know? I’m not. I just know things, dark things, sick things…really bad things.”

This is an extraordinarily difficult review to write, because there is very little I can really discuss without giving away spoilers – though you should know, it’s an absolute mindfuck, right to the very end. Every time I thought I had it figured out, things changed, in a distorted reality and one story told from three varying perspectives and cognitive abilities.

Her tears had turned him on, but it was the small fight she’d attempted that had pushed him into a mindless, toxic fervour.

It wasn’t the easiest book to read, and much of it required a lot of concentration, but White has written something extremely clever and absolutely fascinating here, and I found it refreshing to read a dark book with more focus on the psyche than, as referenced within the novel itself, the typical Stockholm Syndrome trope.

“He was dark enough that he overshadowed my light, and the nightmares couldn’t find their way.”

If you’re looking for dark erotica, this isn’t that kind of book. But if you’re looking for something challenging, utterly disturbing and actually quite terrifying, this is the one for you. And though it may be the first book I’ve read from White, there is no way it’s going to be the last. Welcome back.

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Out now! Review & Giveaway: Midnight Scent – Dori Lavelle

midnight-scentMidnight Scent by Dori Lavelle
Series: Amour Toxique #1
Genre: psychological romance
Themes: stalker

I find the love letters in my new dorm room, left behind by a previous occupant.

They’re meant for someone else, but the words speak to me. They slide off the page, and wrap themselves around my body. They touch me in places I didn’t know existed.

I’m falling in love with each word, unable to stop myself.

And I don’t even know his name.

Until they tell me.

They say his name is Marcus Devereaux. They say he’s toxic… very dangerous. Falling for him will be a mistake.

I want to believe them. I want to walk away. But the words refuse to be erased from the invisible parts of me.

I’m hooked on the scent of his poison. It’s bad for me. It could kill me. But I’m in too deep.

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Heat: ★★
Rating:  ★★★

Reviewer’s note: yes, this has a cliffhanger. But calm your tits and stop stressing.

I had mixed feelings about this one. The synopsis totally intrigued me and I was unbelievably excited to start reading it, but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

Only I can decide the letters’ fate, the fate of the words that touch me so deeply, even when I’m not reading them.

The storyline was strong, creepy and psychologically challenging, as we follow Ivy’s descent into mutual, destructive obsession with JD. I haven’t read anything like this before, so it was both refreshing and intriguing.

However, I didn’t particularly find the plot twist at the climax believable; it seemed a little too melodramatic (as did several of the subplots within the narrative, such as Ivy’s relationship with her mother, and her best friend’s relationship). It wasn’t quite in character of what JD was built up to be – cunning, deceptive and a little crazy – but I wonder where this will lead in the next instalment.

I don’t see a murderer there. I see an attractive man who takes my breath away. A man who captures my soul at first sight.

I’m no stranger to falling for unlikeable characters, but I just did not like JD in the slightest. I wasn’t convinced by their chemistry, which I felt was constructed more me being told by Ivy’s narrative that she felt a connection to him, rather than something I could make my own mind up about from being shown feelings and physical reactions than being told how to feel. I think I would have enjoyed this a little more had a really believed in the chemistry, connection and lust between the two, as this would have been a total mind-fuck for the reader.

Similarly, due to this lack of chemistry the eroticism I was hoping for just wasn’t there, despite some explicit letters and dream scenes. I was hoping for something a little sexier, some intense lust clouding judgement, and making Ivy’s actions and reactions more relatable.

He has completely possessed my mind and body. During the night, he enters my dreams uninvited; during the day, he invades my thoughts.

An original plot hampered by a lack of chemistry, Lavelle has written a piece of intrigue filled with psychological mystery and destructive obsession. Although I did enjoy reading it, I was left feeling a little cold.


A paperback of Dori Lavelle’s Veiled Obsession (His Agenda #1)

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REVIEW: Cuts Like an Angel – Mason Sabre & Lucian Bane

cuts-like-an-angelCuts Like an Angel by Mason Sabre & Lucian Bane
Series: Cuts Like an Angel #1
Genre: psychological romance

He never called the helplines. The one time he did, it was to say goodbye … to anybody, before leaving the world. Rosie … that was her name. She’d given it when she wasn’t supposed to. She said things that made him burn to live.
And he would. He’d find a way to hide his darkness so that he could dance with her, just a single dance, in the liquid sunshine of her laugh.

And maybe … maybe he’d taste her. But only once.

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Heat: ★★★
Rating: ★★★★★

“I love the agony of having you right in arms reach and the crucifixion of denying myself.”

There’s a slight story behind me acquiring this novel. I opened my e-mail one morning and had an Amazon gift waiting for me from the authors, though I have absolutely no clue why. I didn’t sign up for anything, and if I’m honest, neither author was on my radar either. I have to say though, this random event is probably one of those in life that I will be most glad of. This is one of the best books I have ever read.

Not only were the characters some of the most complex I’ve had the opportunity to come across, but this entire plotline was something utterly original, and because of that, a rarity. Much of this was a psychological mindfuck. It was entirely about inner conflicts and hidden pasts, with a highly believable love story at the centre.

He blew hard against the dandelion and they both quietened for a moment as they watched the fairy like seeds float into the air. A sense of wonder – a life in them as they spread themselves our and carried their wishes to faraway places. Maybe one day Rosie would find her wishes, but Josh was sure that he had found his.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well these two male authors wrote Rosie, with all her jealous insecurities and overthinking, characteristics all to familiar for the average woman, but never going too far as to stop her feeling like a real character. Similarly, the hero was one of the most intriguing I have ever had the pleasure of coming across, pain and angst included.

Never have I been happier to read the words “to be continued” when turning to the final page. The pacing was perfect – not too long, but not so short as to lost vital detail, with a slow build-up until the gut-wrenching climax, and enough left to fill a sequel.