Resources for new and aspiring book bloggers

You’ve decided you want to be a book blogger. Great! But where do you start? There are so many considerations that we’ll go into in future posts, but in the meantime, I want to share with you my top resources for book blogging. I will regularly update this post as I find new, tried, tested and Summers-approved resources and contacts.

Blogging and Reviewing

The first thing you’ll need to do is create your platform. To start with, this doesn’t need to be anything special—just a blog to post reviews and promos for your chosen reads. You’ll also need to sign up to be able to post reviews on other platforms to really support authors.

PR Companies

You’ll want to be signed up to a number of book promo companies to ensure you’re receiving all the latest book review and promo opportunities. There are loads of these around, so I’m sharing with you my tried and tested favourites that consistently deliver opportunities that interest me.


A professional logo is a must, and, eventually, a professionally-designed website will be on the horizon for you. Mine is currently being built as I write this, and I can’t wait to share it with you.


The minimum is downloading the Kindle app on your phone or tablet, but, ideally, you’ll want to invest in an e-reader. I use the Kindle Paperwhite and I swear by it—it also means that I can’t get distracted as I know I would on a tablet/phone. A Kindle case will protect your purchase from scratches and damage if you’re lugging it about everywhere.


Of course, you’ll need to sign your blog up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to join the thriving book community.

Once you’re set up and posting and reviewing regularly, how do you get people to actually view your blog? My favourite marketing podcast is Chalene Johnson’s Build Your Tribe, which delivers regular content in easily digestible portions.

I also recommend joining the Book Blogger Support Group on Facebook, a community of like-minded people who help each other out, and one of the only book blogging groups not overrun with promotion.

I’d love to know your thoughts—is there anything I’ve missed or anything you can recommend? Let me know in the comments!


How to add an approved e-mail address to your Kindle

The vast majority of ARC’s (advanced review/reader copies) are now sent direct-to-Kindle. For new book bloggers and reviewers, that means it’s imperative to know how to add an approved e-mail address to your Kindle so that, when you hit that synch button, that up-and-coming bestseller will be ready and waiting for you.

It might be confusing at first to work out how to do this (Amazon doesn’t exactly signpost it!), so here’s a quick and easy guide.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account
  2. Hover over Account & Lists
  3. Click on Manage Your Content and Devices
  4. Click on Preferences
  5. Expand Personal Document Settings
  6. Scroll down to Approved Personal Document E-mail List
  7. Click Add a New Approved E-mail Address
  8. Type in the e-mail address you want to approve

TIP: If you enter a partial address, you will be able to receive documents from multiple senders. This means you won’t have to add every individual e-mail address to your safe senders list…but do consider that people you DON’T authorise will be able to send documents to your Kindle if they know your Kindle address. For example: adding will approve every e-mail address that uses as its domain name.

9. Click Add Address

You’re done! Happy reading!


Censored Krystal

Statement from Claire Lalique regarding the banning of SHATTERED KRYSTAL from Amazon.
I awoke this morning with my publisher telling me Amazon banned my book because “its content was in violation of their content guidelines”. I wanted to burst into tears.
I don’t know what that means to have Amazon ban my book.
What I do know is that my book is extremely personal to me.
SHATTERED KRYSTAL is my first book, my debut novel. Each word in it was chosen specifically. I believed that particular word at that place in the story was best suited to convey the emotion and gravity necessary for the reader to be caught up in the events portrayed.
I am devastated that this book isn’t on Amazon. I buy from Amazon. I made the decision to publish exclusively on Amazon. I wanted to publish on Amazon. Why would they ban my book? There are far more explicit books than mine on Amazon.
It seems to me that Amazon is treating erotic writers unfairly. It is after all a category or genre that they publish. Other erotic writers have been told that their book will continue to be banned unless all explicit sex or violence is completely removed. This seemingly random banning of erotic books seemed to have started in January 2011. In no other genre have I found this erratic behavior by Amazon censors.
I chose to write erotic romance. By definition it is explicit sexually. I chose that genre because I wanted to write about a very broken person who was healed by love. Erotica seemed to most easily fit that story line. It’s true my book has a (single) rape. It is that event that causes my heroine to be broken. It was written as a horrific act perpetuated by evil men. It wasn’t glorified or made to seem acceptable. This subject has been used in many wonderful books that are considered classical literature.
So finally, my last thoughts, I am sorry Amazon readers are not able to buy my book. I felt when I wrote it, that it made a statement about how resilient women can be, especially if they have love behind them, even if it was couched in erotic book language. I think all you Amazon readers would have liked it, but for now it can only be gotten on Smashwords.
I hope my friends and readers would share this and request their friends to share with a request for their friends to share and so forth and so forth. Amazon must realize that readers will not accept this behavior from them.
This is where you can buy my book for 99 cents.

November 2016 round up

New Releases

Black & White Flowers – Rachel Robinson
A Different Christmas – K.M. Lowe
Halo – R.C. Stephens
Because Beards anthology
Stroked Hard – Meghan Quinn
Paid For – Alexa Riley
Will – Kerry Heavens
Heating Up the Holidays anthology
Jade West collection
Protector – Michelle Horst
Bedwrecker – Kim Karr
See Through Heart – Amie Knight
Rule Breaker – Kat & Stone Bastion
The Darkness Series box set – Cassia Brightmore
Blow – Heidi Mclaughlin
Detecting Envy – Mikey Lee
Bucked – Frankie Love
trans•fer•ence – Ava Harrison
Groupie – M.E. Carter
The Real Winner – K.V. Rider

Sneak Peeks

Halo – R.C. Stephens
Marriage Games – C.D. Reiss
Stroked Hard – Meghan Quinn
Paid For – Alexa Riley
Protector – Michelle Horst
Moto – M. Never
Life As We Know It – J.D. Hollyfield
Preppy, part 1 – T.M. Frazier
Kept – Camille Lindstrom
Bucked – Frankie Love
trans•fer•ence – Ava Harrison
The Real Winner – K.V. Rider


Moto – M. Never ★★★★
One More Rule – Nikki Sloane ★★★★
Preppy, part 1 – T.M. Frazier ★★★★
Stroked Hard – Meghan Quinn ★★★★
Three Little Mistakes – Nikki Sloane ★★★★
Wicked Little Words – Stevie J. Cole & B.T. Urruela ★★★★
Protector – Michelle Horst ★★★
See Through Heart – Amie Knight ★★★

Cover Reveals

Alphas & Fairytales anthology
Bad Deeds – Lisa Renee Jones
Pretty Lost Dolls – Ker Dukey & K. Webster


Introducing: Quill & Ink Book Tours

Under The Covers Book Lovers & Summer’s Eve Reads are thrilled to bring you our newest venture, Quill & Ink Book Tours!

One of the most amazing things about being part of this book blogging community is the way it brings people together – and that’s how we met, bonding over books and our favourite authors.

One November evening, we made the decision to join forces to bring you something we’ve both been thinking about for a while, but were too hesitant to go ahead with. We love this community, and want to help out in any way we can – so, alongside our individual blogs, we are now branching into promotions.

We hope you will continue to support us on this journey as you have in the other things we’ve done. We’re so excited to work with you! Any shares would be greatly appreciated.

Get involved!


October 2016 round up

Reviews (by rating)
A Love Letter to Whiskey – Kandi Steiner ★★★★★ (top recommendation)
White Out – A.A. Dark (aka Alaska Angelini) ★★★★
Sigil – Addison Cain ★★★★
Savage Mafia Prince – Annika Martin ★★★★
Wake to Dream – Lily White ★★★★
Between Here and the Horizon – Callie Hart ★★★★
Black Swan Affair – K.L. Kreig ★★★★
A Harmless Little Game – Meli Raine ★★★★
It Takes Two – Nikki Sloane ★★★★
Dissident – Cecilia London ★★★★
The Huntress – Kristen Hope Mazzola & Dawn Robertson ★★★★
Bang Gang – Jade West ★★★
Elicit – M. Never ★★★
Wolfe – Cari Silverwood ★★★
Tonic – Staci Hart ★★★
Back to Yesterday – Whitney Barbetti ★★★
Behind Closed Doors – Lisa Renee Jones ★★★
Good Sick – Sansa Rayne (aka Sasha Rich)★★★

Sneak Peeks (by date)
The Sexy One – Lauren Blakely
Mr. Mysterious – J.A. Huss
Preppy, part 1 – T.M. Frazier
Back to Yesterday – Whitney Barbetti
Tonic – Staci Hart
A Harmless Little Game – Meli Raine
Black & White Flowers – Rachel Robinson
Lessons in Gravity – Megan Westfield
Undeniable – Callie Harper
Definitely Yes – Ella Miles
Water Under the Bridge – Britney King

New Releases (by date)
Tempt Me – Roxy Sloane
Bang Gang – Jade West
Down Shift – K. Bromberg
3 Degrees of Darkness – Courtney Lane
The Player – Claire Contreras
Savage Mafia Prince – Annika Martin
Mr. Mysterious – J.A. Huss
Elicit – M. Never
A Love Letter to Whiskey – Kandi Steiner
Tonic – Staci Hart
Tease Me – Roxy Sloane
Biting Point – Azalea Amy Lezlynn
Black Swan Affair – K.L. Kreig
Behind Closed Doors – Lisa Renee Jones
Sin – Torrie Robles
A Secret Affair anthology
A Harmless Little Game – Meli Raine
Between Here and the Horizon – Callie Hart
Hot for Teacher anthology
Finding my Reason – Claudia Burgoa
Back to Yesterday – Whitney Barbetti
Love Letter Duet (Encore Edition) – Callie Anderson
Incandescently – Sylvie Parizeau
A Sacred Vow – Willa Thorne
Kill Me – L.P. Lovell
Undeniable – Callie Harper
This Isn’t You, Baby – K. Webster
Definitely Yes – Ella Miles
Water Under the Bridge – Britney King
Marriage Games – C.D. Reiss
Preppy, part 1 – T.M. Frazier
Find Me Alastar – T.L. Swan
Wicked Little Words – Stevie J. Cole & B.T. Urruela
The Huntress – Kristen Hope Mazzola & Dawn Robertson
Dirty – Belle Aurora
Mr. President – Katy Evans

Cover Reveals (by date)
Stroked Hard – Meghan Quinn
Wicked Little Words – Stevie J. Cole & BT Urruela
This Isn’t You, Baby – K. Webster
Mr. Match – J.A. Huss
Back to Yesterday – Whitney Barbetti
Disgraceful – Dee Palmer
Evading Fate – A.M. Myers
Two, Three, Four – S.C. Daiko


The person behind the blog

Sometimes I think it’s important to stress that this isn’t just an automated blog, spamming out book updates and reviews at random. There’s a person here, and I’m going to try and get a little more organic and personal.

My life isn’t that interesting – I’m really pretty average. Let’s start with the basics.

  • I’m 22 and live on the south coast of the UK
  • My favourite colour is red, and I have an unhealthy obsession with polka dots
  • I’m in my final year of my undergrad degree (in archaeology & history)
  • Evelyn Summers is a pseudonym (duh)
  • I love Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, but my favourite TV show will always be Buffy
  • I used to play competitive badminton and played in a couple of international tournaments
  • I like to think of myself as a fitness freak, apart from the fact that I haven’t actually done a workout in as long as I can remember
  • I’m a free speech advocate (which you may have been able to tell from this article)
  • I have an obsession with romance books despite being unsure if I actually believe in soul mates/fate/undying love
  • I’m a slob
  • I’m a sucker for dirty talk
  • I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life
  • I have written 1k on a novel which will likely never see the light of day
  • Coffee and tea. I despair of those who only have room for one love in their life 😉

Aside from that, there’s not really much to tell. I started this blog up because I wanted to support new, indie authors (and I love being able to read books before they’re released and share my honest views). I’m branching into proofreading for largely the same reasons, but also because I despise typos and errors in books.

I made the decision to open up a little more following on from the events of the past week. It’s been a rough one: I had the funeral of my great-grandmother, I am in the midst of deadlines and dissertations in my final year, and my fiancé and I very nearly called it quits – saved by his convincing me that one more chance is in order. Because of these reasons, my reading and personal time have been decreased, but so has my slobby nature (when I’m stressed, sad, angry or emotional, I clean compulsively whilst listening and shrieking along to Lana del Rey).

I’ve lost sight of myself recently. I’ve become two halves of a relationship, rather than two wholes working together, and I’ve decided to work towards discovering myself again in the midst of the events of daily life. I can’t be there to support other people if I can’t even be there for myself, and put my own interests first sometimes.

So this is, really, a method of sharing the ups and downs of my personal life with you, the lessons I learn along the way, and just making things a little more personal in general. I hope you enjoy these regular little snippets of life coming your way.


September 2016 round up

Negative reviews: a defence

The Dollhouse – Stacia Stone ★★★
Three Hard Lessons – Nikki Sloane ★★★★
His Dark Canvas – Alexandrea Weis ★★
Torn – Carian Cole ★★★
Wildest Dream – R.C. Boldt ★★★★
Disgrace – Dee Palmer ★★★
Mr. Perfect – J.A. Huss ★★★★
Love Letters – Drea St. James ★★★
Romancing the Duke – Tessa Dare ★★★★
Cuts Like an Angel – Mason Sabre & Lucian Bane ★★★★★ (top recommendation)
Torrid Affair – Callie Anderson ★★★★
Retrieval – Aly Martinez ★★★★
Candy Boys – Jo Raven ★★★★
The Playbook book 1 – Lily Jane & Missy Johnson ★★
The Virgin Intern – Penny Wylder ★★
Draw Play – Tia Lewis ★★★
Pour Your Heart Out – Zoe Lee ★★★
Darkest Before Dawn – Stevie J. Cole ★★★
Fastball – A.M. Hargrove & Terri E. Laine ★★★
Ruin – Clarissa Wild ★★
Maximum Rush – Misti Murphy ★★★★
Four – S.C. Daiko ★★★★
Endless Obsession – Alex Grayson ★★★★
Can’t Touch This – Tess Hunter (aka Pepper Winters)★★★★★ (top recommendation)
24690 – A.A. Dark (aka Alaska Angelini)★★★★
Stroked Long – Meghan Quinn ★★★★★ (top recommendation)
Transfer – Aly Martinez ★★★★
Her Web Master – Normandie Alleman ★★★
Calico – Callie Hart ★★★★★ (top recommendation – review from the pre-blog Goodreads archives)
Descent – Sloane Murphy ★

New Releases
Torrid Affair – Callie Anderson
The Playbook book 1 – Lily Jane & Missy Johnson
Retrieval – Aly Martinez
Candy Boys – Jo Raven
Pour Your Heart Out – Zoe Lee
Secret Sins – C.D. Reiss
Darkest Before Dawn – Stevie J. Cole
Stroked Long – Meghan Quinn
Ruin – Clarissa Wild
Fastball – A.M. Hargrove & Terri E. Laine
Maximum Rush – Misti Murphy
Four – S.C. Daiko
Endless Obsession – Alex Grayson
Pretty Stolen Dolls – Ker Dukey & K. Webster
Transfer – Aly Martinez
Web Master series – Normandie Alleman (audiobook)

Sneak Peeks
Retrieval – Aly Martinez
Pour Your Heart Out – Zoe Lee
Stroked Long – Meghan Quinn
Ruin – Clarissa Wild
Endless Obsession – Alex Grayson
Her Web Master – Normandie Alleman

Cover Reveals
Maximum Rush – Misti Murphy
Pretty Stolen Dolls – Ker Dukey & K. Webster
Hot for Teacher collection
Vice – Callie Hart
Between Here and the Horizon – Callie Hart
White Out – A.A. Dark
Bang Gang – Jade West
Elicit – M. Never
Black Swan Affair – K.L. Kreig
Tonic – Staci Hart