REVIEW: Invisible Leash


My name is Sage Cross.

I’ve got it all-the beauty, the brains, the bank account.

Women hate me. Men want my Louboutins around their necks.

And I blame my father for everything. It’s his fault I’m swarming through powerful men in suits while I’m stuck posing as a useless, jobless photo op.

Until he sends the perfect weapon my way: Lincoln Black. Mark my words, I plan to use him. In more ways than one.

What I don’t expect coming my way is Jacob Storm, a beautiful, possessive, millionaire who sexed his way through Manhattan.

I spread my legs. My black heart however remains on lockdown.

You’ve been warned.



I’m not entirely sure what to think about this one. The premise was original and I definitely enjoyed Sage’s story and development…but it wasn’t what I was expecting. The cover and blurb give the impression that this would be a much sexier, steamier read than its actual contents. In fact, the only ‘sexy’ part, really, was Sage’s fabulous, daring fashion preferences.

I appreciated M.H.B.’s interesting take on a love triangle, but sadly I found Jacob a lukewarm hero with not much to him other than some slightly unsettling jealousy and impatience. There was enough intrigue (and plenty of drama) to make me want to read on, but I’m not entirely on-side just yet.

Before I finish, I’d also like to mention that this could have used another round of proofreading, but as I signed up to review Part 2 and this was also therefore an ARC, I’m unsure if this is the final, published copy or not. Therefore, that does not contribute to my rating.

~Evelyn (3/5)

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