[Review] Play Me by Cary Hart


Who will you be when no one is watching… when the lights go down?

I played because I loved it… it was in my blood.
Now I play because it’s all I have left. And I’m about to chance it all for him.
When the lights go down, and I step off that stage, will he still want me? When he finds out who I really am, what I’m not?

Her voice drew me in, her heart is what makes me want to stay.
Part of me wants to take care of her, the other wants to break down her walls.
I’m not sure I’m ready to risk it all… chasing her down, when I’m struggling to hold on to the only thing I’ve ever known.



A simple meet-cute turns into the best thing that ever happened to Ellie and Lee… but once Lee hears Ellie sing, he walks away from her.

Lee has one thing on his mind these days: finding his way through life to make sure his grandmother is okay. Between work and his past, he’s scared to lose the one thing that’s always been there. When he sees Ellie again, he realises his heart may have healed enough from his past for a new life.

Ellie has finally broken away from her controlling parents. Trying to make a name for herself as a singer, she’s surprised when Lee comes back in her life. The sparks between them are undeniable and it just may be what saves them both.

An adorable read that you’ll be drawn in from page one. Lee’s mysterious past, Ellie’s possibilities, their story together is one of love, heartache, and seeing how the choice to be successful as a couple and as individuals does not have to be a choice. Loved it.


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