Hard Trigger by S.L. Hannah


Plenty of action…..not enough depth….

Wow this is topsy turvy short story with a fascinating premise but, unfortunately, one that I did not enjoy quite as much as I thought I would…. talk about role reversal…. Victoria is the bad*** antiheroine who is holding all the cards and Diego is her childhood ‘sweetheart’, equally ruthless because it comes with the territory, but willing to sacrifice so much for her..

The story is told from Victoria’s perspective, which should have given me a ring-side view of her innermost thoughts and feelings, but that was not the case…. in fact there is very little insight into the emotions of Victoria or Diego .. Considering this was a short story I learned a lot about gaming machines and other inconsequential details, but Victoria and Diego’s emotional intelligence remained a mystery.. particularly because in their intimate moments it was all action and little dialogue, and anything worth saying was in Spanish, leaving me none the wiser…. as a result of all of this I never really liked Victoria and felt Diego could have found someone better and therefore was not invested in the outcome of their volatile relationship…

This storyline had so much potential and the writing itself is good…but for me there was too much emphasis on the action, and too much explanation of the minutiae, and not enough time spent on developing the characters who lacked depth and empathy….



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