[Review] Walk the Line by J. Kenner


Elena is too young for me, not to mention she’s my boss’s daughter and my babysitter.

That’s beyond complicated. And I’m not even looking for a relationship — but I can’t deny the attraction that sizzles between us.

I need to ignore it. A single dad, all I want is to take care of my little girl, do my job, and enjoy my friends. Anything more is asking for complications I can’t afford. Asking to be hurt again.

Trouble is, I want her, too. And when out flirty sparks turn to flames, I give in to temptation. Our secret fling is scorching hot, better than I’d ever imagined.

But secrets get out, and I could lose my job and my reputation.

And I am starting to realize she’s the one thing I’m not willing to lose.



I’m so sad this series is over! I loved coming to The Fix every month and seeing all these couples fall in love. Brent and Elena are no different.

Single dad to the little munchkin Faith we have seen a few times, and daughter to Boss-man Tyree make for the cutest couple. Yes, he’s older. Yes, he’s a single dad. None of that matters to Elena though. She has had her eye on her Brent from the beginning and finally, he is beginning to see her.

Little does she know that he has had his eye on her the whole time too. His age and status in the bar has kept him at bay, but when she’s babysitting Faith one night for him, all walls are down and they finally decide to take a chance on each other. It may be the best thing either of them has ever done.

Super-love to this couple. I’ve been waiting for Brent’s story since book one when we first met him and I wanted more. Kenner delivered on this whole series and they will be on the reread list for years to come.


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