[Review] Destiny Mine by Anna Zaires


Fate made us enemies. I made us lovers.

In a different world, we were meant for each other.

This is not that world.

Note: For optimal enjoyment, it’s recommended you read the Twist Me trilogy prior to starting this book.



Darkly beautiful and compelling….

Layer upon layer of suspense and intrigue… who would have thought the tortuous journey though Twist Me would lead to this point…and beyond

The world building is extensive and all encompassing and Peter and Sara are the main focus of the continuing plot…. He has no doubts about what and who he wants and no illusions as to the risks that have to be faced and annihilated, if needs be, to achieve his aims..the coming together of these two has been less than orthodox as he continues with his obsessive need to control and to own .. she has been very much the victim in this story but by no means weak or passive…she is strong and in many ways powerful…

This is a thrilling instalment and the evolving relationship between these two is elemental and darkly beautiful and is wrong on so many levels and yet it is perfectly right … I was totally absorbed by this compelling story ….and the cliffhanger ending promises dark days ahead……


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