[Review] Light My Fire by J. Kenner


I don’t do relationships.

I’ve lived my life hiding my scars, revealing myself only the in the scripts I write and the characters I voice.

Few people know the real me. I’m too careful. Too afraid of getting burned all over again.

Enter Beverly Martin. A movie star. A woman so beautiful and caring she makes my heart ache. She says she wants me—and her touch almost makes me believe that a girl like her could love a man like me.

But being with her would mean letting the spotlight of fame shine on me, too. And I’m not sure I can do that—even if walking away means losing the woman I love.



Cam and Bev’s story is for the Hollywood stars in us all.

Scarred from an accident when he was young, Cam keeps himself guarded from most of the world. When a script he writes gets picked up as a movie, and he falls for the main lady, he starts thinking that outside appearances aren’t as important as what’s inside (though he still wants his Mr November pictures edited).

One of the cuter stories of this series (and we get to see the Fix! which I felt was missing from some of the others), I loved how Cam and Bev’s story grew both individually and as a couple. I thought the ending was a bit rushed, but I loved the contest scene *swoon*. 4.5 stars!


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