[Review] Tesoro by Nicole Banks


Tommy worked hard to establish a life outside of his father’s legacy. Son to the infamous Delucia family, he’s the heir to a throne he doesn’t want. As loyalties keep pulling him back in, he struggles to obtain a clean break. Becoming a new man is just out of arm’s reach.

Naila is a sassy, headstrong entrepreneur with businesses in the Delucia territory. A chance meeting between the two has Tommy questioning everything about his life and what his future holds.

As circumstances keep putting them in each other’s paths, the two can’t deny the building chemistry between them. As passions ignite, so does the tension surrounding the Delucia family, catching them both in the crosshairs of an all-out war.

When the dust settles, there’s only one question remaining: how deep are they willing to go?



First instalment…

Mafia romance is one of my most favourite genres, and I always look forward to reading the start of a new series by a new, to me, author.. so I was really excited by this book.. the premise sounded promising, and indeed it was interesting and the narrative well paced with a suspenseful plot… a classic mob story of family ties, the old guard making way for the new and the resultant turf wars……unfortunately the delivery, or more precisely, the main characters were not as compelling as I had initially hoped…..

Naila is a smart, independant business woman, and I liked her feistiness, but at times she came across as weak, and in truth a bit naive when it came to her boyfriend… Tommy had the potential to be a strong, protective and determined character, but his personality was full of inconsistencies: he considered himself a player, and yet he appeared to be a little bit too desperate when pursuing Naila, he spent a lifetime resolutely carving out his own career away from his legacy, and then seemed to have an epiphany and everything changed, and most disconcerting of all – he had grown up in his father’s world and yet he had a casual approach to the potential threats surrounding him and demonstrated anxiety and fear when faced by an aggressive Naila… none of this seemed realistic.. the subsidiary characters were a motley crew of the good, the bad and the ugly…. of all of them Bear was my favourite, a bodyguard cum second father to Tommy… he was a tough guy with a big heart and sense of humour..

The story is told from multiple points of view, which provided useful insights into all the characters motives and feelings. However the switch between perspectives happened on a paragraph by paragraph basis, and , at times, I found this confusing and disconcerting as it disrupted the flow of the writing…

Although there were niggles… this was still a book worthy of reading, and there never was a moment when I was tempted to abandon it before reaching the conclusion… the main characters, whilst not my favourites, caught my attention sufficiently for me to want to see where their futures were heading…. and when I reached the end, and an unexpected cliffhanger, I found myself emotionally invested enough to want to read the next instalment…


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