[Review] Wings by Fawn Bailey


Two brothers. One woman. And a villain out to end it all. Discover the mafia world of Gilded Cage in this full-length dark romance novel. First book in a trilogy.
There’s only one thing you need to know about Ophelia Sokolov. She was promised to me, not my brother. And I’ll do anything in my power to make her mine. She’s my future. My destiny. My f*cking property.
My name is Max Marino. My family owns this city. I kill because I have to. I f*ck because I can. And I will have Ophelia because I always have my way.
We were destined to be together. A bond that would tie our families together forever. But she fell for my younger brother… And Ryker never wanted me to have what had always meant to be mine. He took so much from me. Our parents. Our careers. But Ophelia is mine. And I’ll kill to prove it…



Raw and disturbing…

And so the main event begins…..described within these pages is a violent world where whole families can be slaughtered, and princesses stolen and violated at the whim of a vengeful and maleficent adversary…

The characters in this book are very much the products of their brutal worlds….and Ophelia appears to be a slightly strange victim and pawn although there are moments when a hidden strength shines through even in the darkest of situations…Kain, Ryker and Max are all complicated and, at times, unfathomable characters, and it is by no means certain which, if any, of these men deserve to be respected, loved or despised….maybe all of these at once..

I was gripped by this raw, disturbing and twisted story, and the ending, a cliffhanger, changes the dynamics all over again..I am already desperate for the next book…


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