[Review] Sworn by Maria Luis


I bow to no man.

The words are tattooed on my skin, just as they’re branded on my heart.

But I never planned for Sergeant Lincoln Asher, a man as deceptive as he is cold. His dominance sets my teeth on edge . . . and my body on fire. He won’t stop until I’m his, but I’m not his to take.

My secrets bind me—and blind me.

I live in the shadows of New Orleans. Hidden and protected in the underworld I call home. I know who I am.

I vow never to kneel before a man…

Save one.

And he will be my downfall.



5 stars of mystery and grittiness…

What a thrilling murder mystery…the author has created an oppressive world populated with multifaceted and complex individuals.. the wonderfully tortuous plot contains secrets, and hidden danger and nothing is quite as obvious as it first appears.

Lincoln and Avery are the main focus of the book and the points of view of both protagonists provide the narrative…. from brutal beginnings to a dark, gritty covert life…Avery is the tough and beautiful product of her former experiences and environment…I really loved her resilience and strength of character ; no matter what life throws at her she has an indomitable spirit; Sgt Lincoln Asher is dark and brooding; he too has been molded by his past and the consequences of the choices he has made subsequently…a police officer in the NOPD he is powerful, uncompromising and unorthodox..I love his intensity and the attraction between these two is magnetic and molten…

I thought the tarot card readings successfully added to the menace and uncertainty of the story..and the brief ‘behind the scenes’ insert at the end of the book was an original and welcome inclusion from the author.

This book has plenty of pace and the storyline is both gripping and perplexing with a shocking cliff hanger ending….I have not read any books by this author before but I shall remedy that oversight as soon as possible…



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