[Review] The Ultimate Sin by Jillian Quinn


Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
That was how it all started.
With my father. Her father.
Their sins. Our sins.
The sins of our past.

Our love could break us.
Their power could destroy us.
But I would die trying.
She would die fighting.

The men who took her would pay.
Blood would be spilled.
Lives would be shattered.
I vowed to end them.
All of them.



Not ready to say goodbye….

This is an epic love story; from childhood to adulthood Gia and Angelo have been inseparable, but sometimes love is not enough …this book starts where the other left off… something precious has been taken and Angelo will stop at nothing to retrieve it… he is a powerful man on a mission. and he is awesome in his wrath..

I can’t say how much I have been looking forward to this second instalment… I love Angelo and Gia they are both worthy main characters who have to deal with so much crap but keep rising above it; unfortunately the worst of enemies is not always a stranger…..the main characters in this series are all sinners but, in my opinion, they are such remarkable and truly committed individuals, their offences can be overlooked

The writing has been so skilled; I have been completely bowled over by this addictive series and its original plot line…there is a darkness in these characters and within these pages but the light of loyalty, friendship and love shines through regardless…. I am not ready to say goodbye to these characters yet..and thankfully there is more to come….


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