[Review] Shake It Up by J. Kenner


There are a million reasons why I need to stop thinking about Taylor D’Angelo naked.

She’s too young for me, for starters.

She’s too ambitious.

She’s my job.

Romance was the last thing on my mind when I agreed to look into her stalker as a favor.

Now, she’s all I can think about–and in every position I can imagine.

I’m not the only one obsessing.

The threats against her are intensifying along with our connection.

If I give in, if I let our bodies take over, it could draw her stalker out.

Our passion could save her.

Or it could destroy us both.

Meet Mr. August – He’ll do anything to protect her. 



Say hello to my new favourites of this fabulous series. Taylor and Landon’s story kept me on my toes right from the start.

We ended our last story with a brick being thrown through Taylor’s car. When more mysterious things begin to happen, she no longer thinks the brick was an accident. Brent, head of security at The Fix, has a friend of his step in and look into the situation. Landon is perfect for the job but unfortunately he finds it hard to focus when Taylor is around him.

The love story, the background plot, the side characters.. everything about this one just fit. It was nice to see a story where not just the love story was the main conflict, though you can’t help but root for these two all the way along. Loved it!


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