Wheeler by Ker Dukey



I am dark. Calculating. A single father.
I have secrets that would horrify most people.
Stalking is a habit I refuse to break—and what happens after is a sweet reward.
My life is exactly the way I have designed it.
But an undeserving, sick monster is dating my only daughter.
Until I deal with my problem, I can’t truly enjoy everything I’ve created.
My name is Jax Wheeler.
I’m a twisted, evil, insane man.
People may be afraid of me, but it doesn’t stop them from wanting me.



Unexpected and unnerving from beginning to end….

Well this already dark series has just taken a more menacing and twistier direction in the hands of this author…Jax Wheeler is a single parent and on the face of things he is a perfectly normal guy, and a loving, devoted parent, but appearances can sometimes be deceptive…

There are trigger warnings so don’t be shocked when the story takes the characters on a more sinister and less well travelled path….this is a most unconventional love story …I was fascinated by Jax’s alternative point of view; he is a beguiling character and I loved the incidental twisted humour that stems from his reactions to the other characters that he encounters..

It isn’t often that I learn anything of particular value to me in the real world from my fictional book world, but I am fairly certain, having read this book, I could spot someone with Wheeler’s particular disposition and proclivities, if he or she were ever to cross my path…well, for my sake, I hope I can….

This is a disturbing and compelling read…the story dovetails perfectly into the other books in the series and provides answers to events and assumptions from the previous storylines…when the ending comes it is just as unexpected and unnerving as the rest of the book….nothing is quite what it seems, and almost every page adds a new perspective on the events being played out…

~Sheena (5/5)

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