Never the Bride by Janae Keyes



No strings attached to diamond rings…

Divorce lawyer Vanessa Hill was content with always being the bridesmaid to her sister or her “insane” friends. She never wanted to be the bride. Marriage wasn’t for her.
When her ailing grandmother invites Vanessa to discuss the terms of her will, Vanessa faces a dilemma, get married or lose everything. When under pressure, she invents an engagement with her neighbor and friend with benefits, Josiah.

Josiah Thomas, a no-nonsense celebrity tattoo artist, has already been through the marriage thing. He was done with diamond rings until Vanessa propositioned him. He’d do anything for the sexy girl next door and a promised two million dollars wouldn’t hurt.

Now Vanessa and Josiah will be doing the one thing they swore they would stay away from, marriage.

When hearts collide in lies, they just might belong together. 



When fierce and independent Vanessa learns her grandmother is sick, she is devastated. To make matters worse, grandma’s will states that to get her inheritance (though money is not a problem for the well-to-do divorce lawyer) she must be settled down.

To get her family off her back, she lies. She neighbour, who she’s been on a friends-with-benefits relationship with for the past year is actually her fiance. Let the wedding plans begin!

Except Josiah knows nothing about these plans. When Vanessa tells him, he has no problem playing along. After all, it’s to make grandma happy and if it makes Vanessa happy too, then he figures it’s a win for everyone… until he realises his affection may be only one sided.

This book keeps you on your toes from start to finish. Hot and heavy to soft and sweet, it has it all. I wish there was more conflict and the epilogue seemed a bit too wrapped up for me, but a great read overall. Jo and Nessa’s story is relationship goals.

~Alex (3/5)


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