Kingston by Dani Rene



Kingston by Dani René – Erotic Romance

I am arrogant. Insatiable. A single father.
I desire things that would make most people blush.
Normally, I find outlets that allow me to free the sexual beast living within and play to my heart’s content.
And when my voluptuous, innocent assistant starts starving me after a little taste, I decide I’ll let my inner animal feed—on her.
Trouble is, once I have her, I can’t let her go, and that makes things complicated.
My name is Levi Kingston.
I am a dirty, ravenous, greedy man.
People may detest my kinks, but it doesn’t stop them from wanting me.



Loving this series…

This is the second in the Four Fathers series, which follows the lives, lays and loves of four business partners and friends…

Levi Kingston is a self confessed ‘player’, he believes women are there for his pleasure and his kinks. But, Levi is far more complex than he appears…..history has stolen his compassion… he has no time for his son, let alone a female complication..and Kristyn is a beautiful and tempting complication: his assistant by day and something else at night….

The points of view of both the main characters are provided, which gives a welcome insight into the inner conflicts that the two are facing; the relationship between them is complicated and fragile….which only time, and a few reality checks, has the potential to change..

I am really loving this series, although each story has a different penmanship, the transition from the first book to this one is seamless: roll on the stories of the next two single fathers and their own brand of kinks and romance…

~Sheena (5/5)

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