Close Cover by Lexi Blake



Remy Guidry doesn’t do relationships. He tried the marriage thing once, back in Louisiana, and learned the hard way that all he really needs in life is a cold beer, some good friends, and the occasional hookup. His job as a bodyguard with McKay-Taggart gives him purpose and lovely perks, like access to Sanctum. The last thing he needs in his life is a woman with stars in her eyes and babies in her future.

Lisa Daley’s life is finally going in the right direction. She has finally graduated from college after years of putting herself through school. She’s got a new job at an accounting firm and she’s finished her Sanctum training. Finally on her own and having fun, her life seems pretty perfect. Except she’s lonely and the one man she wants won’t give her a second look.

There is one other little glitch. Apparently, her new firm is really a front for the mob and now they want her dead. Assassins can really ruin a fun girls’ night out. Suddenly strapped to the very same six-foot-five-inch hunk of a bodyguard who makes her heart pound, Lisa can’t decide if this situation is a blessing or a curse.

As the mob closes in, Remy takes his tempting new charge back to the safest place he knows—his home in the bayou. Surrounded by his past, he can’t help wondering if Lisa is his future. To answer that question, he just has to keep her alive.



Final crossover….

This author and my love of the Masters and Mercenaries Series was the main reason why I rushed to read this Crossover Collection….overall I have enjoyed the mixing of the different worlds and meeting new, to me, authors along the way, but this book I have kept to the end as a special treat…I was not disappointed..

Remy is a bodyguard for McKay-Taggart..historically he has been one night stand and leave ‘em kind of guy until that is he meets Lisa, who is strong and independant but has got into a spot of bother with her bosses who happen to be the mob… their slow burning relationship is hot and I loved the push and pull between the two characters…

When I started out reading this collection I thought that there would be much more of the M and M world and finally here it is….characters from the series pop in and out and even more pleasing is that the bodyguards and couples from the other crossover books also make an all honesty this book needed to be read last because it does pull everything that comes before it into a neat final epilogue..

As I would expect from the author..this is a skilfully written..enthralling and suspenseful story, which reignited my love for the M and M series and all those who enter the doors of Sanctum..

~Sheena (5/5)

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