Controlling Disgrace by Anna Edwards



Colette Fisher is the woman who was responsible for James North’s beating so we should hate her, yes? As with all of the Control Series all is not what it seems though.

She’s suffered oppression for many years; she’s ashamed of her sexual desires and fears what will happen if she embraces them. Can Michael give her the strength she needs to be the woman she was born she aspires to?

Michael is mourning the loss of his wife of ten years after tragedy struck. They were childhood sweethearts, and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to move forward with his life. That is until he meets Colette.



Loved it…

I love it when an author creates a world and populates it with a group of original and believable characters whose lives are intertwined; I love it even more when, whether or not they are the focus of the particular story or simply on the periphery, the reader continues to be given glimpses of these characters’ world and the lives that they continue to lead…The Control series is such a series, following a group of men and women who have connections through family or friendship… Colette and Michael who feature in this short story are two characters who though tenuously connected to the main players are still part of the whole experience…

Both the protagonists are damaged from past events but are brought together by a common acquaintance…this is slightly darker than the rest of the series but sensitively deals with loss and with the subject of abuse at the hands of those who should know and be better…. I loved the premise of this novella and although short in length the plot and character development does not suffer as a consequence..

This book can be read as a standalone…but be warned once you step into this world of control you will want to read more….

~Sheena (5/5)

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