In Your Eyes by J. Kenner



Possessive hands. Wild obsession.
He’ll break any rule to claim her.

Billionaire bad boy Parker Manning buried his dark past beneath fast cars and faster women. With his chiseled good looks and Texas oil legacy, Parker’s used to laying claim to whatever—or whoever—he desires, and he’s never met a woman he couldn’t seduce into his bed.

Not, that is, until Megan Clark. Years ago, she flatly refused him. Now, she’s back—and she needs a favor. No way is Parker letting her get away again, and he conditions his agreement on one sensuous night with Megan in his bed and at his mercy.

He never expects to want more. To crave this woman who fascinates and challenges him. But he does, and now he’s determined to possess her.

But Megan’s a woman with secrets of her own, and if Parker wants to claim her, he’s going to have to conquer his past and show Megan his true heart.

Meet Mr. June. Summer’s heat has nothing on him. 



While Parker and Megan’s story was hot and heavy, I felt their history was missing from this story. How they get together all starts with an over excited Megan printing a flyer for The Fix’s Man of the Month calendar, starring Parker Manning; without Parker’s permission.
Luckily, Parker has been lusting after Megan for years. She slipped through his fingers before, he won’t let that happen again.

There was build up without the exciting conclusion for me and while I am loving the overlap of this Bar and it’s customers/staff, the stories are getting shorter and shorter for me. I am hopeful for Mr July, though Mr June sure was yummy.

~Alex (3/5)

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