Pure White Rose by Fawn Bailey



“I will punish you for every step you take away from me.”

She’s finally mine, but she won’t admit it.
My little rose thinks she can still run away from me.
She should know better by now.

I’m ready to do whatever it takes to stop her from getting away.

Hurt her. She’ll have the bruises to show for it.
F*ck her. Until she never wants another man.
Punish her. Make her crave my whip, my belt and my toys.

The only thing I won’t do…
Is love her.



Shameful and shameless….

Omg this is a very ominous, less well trod path that these characters are following….. don’t get me wrong, I knew it was a dark read and it was never going to be easy.. but there is always a vestige of hope that one character will shed a sliver of light into the twisted, unscrupulous world of the other… but not in this story…they are both on a desperate, unsafe and insane journey into darkness…

These characters are fascinating, wonderfully penned creations; their world views so disparate… Thorn is merciless and wicked; there is no doubting his obsession with Rose and its potentially destructive consequences.. and yet there is something devastatingly beautiful in their dysfunctional relationship.

This is not a love story, in the time old tradition, but it is the tortuous marrying of two lost souls who find something that they were unaware they were searching for….Their relationship is dangerous and primeval and yet there is also an overwhelming feeling of safety and belonging between them…As their story unfolds I have experienced anger, frustration, shock and deep sadness but also feelings tantamount to joy and hope….

This series is shameful and shameless and I am completely addicted to it …..the final destination for these two starkly contrasting but somehow perfectly matched characters is a complete unknown but I am determined to stick with them to the bittersweet end….

~Sheena (5/5)

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