Cartel Bitch by Chelsea Camaron



There is a fine line between love and hate, we walk it together.

I’m to be feared.
When your family is as much a friend as an enemy, there is no one to trust.
I am Javier Almanza. Cartel kingpin.
No one can touch me.
No one can hurt me…

Except her.
Mari Belle Domniguez.

This is book one in the Almanza Crime Family Duet and a full length stand alone romance. This is a dark, edge of your seat romantic suspense featuring an antihero so there is a level of violence inside that may not be suitable for some readers. This is not meant to be an actual depiction of life inside a Cartel but rather a work of fiction meant to entertain.



Brutal soap opera…

The Cartel world portrayed here is sickening and violent and the majority of those within it have lost their humanity….Javier and Mari Belle are not born into the cartel but are drawn into it as products of the dysfunctional and brutal world that they grow up in…

This is a literary soap opera with friends and lovers who become enemies and where familial bonds are tested and broken; secrets and lies, death and destruction are all found within these pages…the story is told from the perspectives of Javier and Mari Belle and this makes the events all the more poignant as the reader is provided with a window into their innermost feelings and thoughts…Javier, like the majority of individuals in this book, is bad with a non existent moral compass but he is also loyal and protective and for those attributes, in my book world, he is worthy of some acceptance … the truth is that love does not choose or judge..

The plot covers an extended period of time as the central key players move from a childhood in the slums to a world of wealth fabricated on drugs and the exploitation of women..the time lapse did leave me frustrated as it journeyed swiftly through a number of years.. It is a measure of how much I enjoyed this story that I wished there had been more details of the missing years rather than brief recollections provided by the key main players…

Amongst the harsh reality there are some lighter/sweeter moments..I loved the relationship between Javier and Mari Belle before outside forces take their toll..the cliffhanger conclusion was shocking and left me desperate to read more and yet wary of embarking on the next chapter in the screwed up lives of these people…..

~Sheena (4/5)

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