Finding Forever by E.A. Weston


From a USA Today Bestseller comes the  heart wrenching story of love, pain, and survival needed to make it through… Seventeen year old Harper Collings
Just wants to get away.
Away from the life that has been inflicted on her.
Away from the pain it causes.
Away forever.

Cole Kennedy has it all.
A pretty girl on his arm.
A best friend by his side.
He’s the quarterback for his high school football team.
Cole wants to get away from his life.
Away from the stress it causes.
Away forever.

Nobody knows the secret life Cole Kennedy has to endure, the everyday torment from his father until the day he snaps. The day Cole is arrested and taken away from everything he knows. Sentenced to finish out the rest of senior year in Sunshine Estates he meets one girl that doesn’t seem to care about life even more than him.

Harper Collings takes solace in the reprieve that Sunshine Estates brings. Her life is painful and leaves scars. When the new guy tries to befriend her, Harper does her best to push him away, she doesn’t want him, she doesn’t need him. But in the end he is the only person that can save her.

When two lives collide, they find more that they were looking for.
They find, Forever.



When Cole lashes out at his coach (who is also his father) and ends up in a detention centre he doesn’t expect to meet Harper. Harper, this quiet, quick witted beautiful girl with a deep, dark secret. He’s determined to wear her down but she’s unlike any girl he’s ever met before. As their relationship grows, they find the trust and comfort they have been looking for their whole lives in one another.

The premise of this was stronger for me than the actual story. I liked Cole’s character a lot more than Harper’s. The is a lot of abuse and addiction triggers in this story and I felt like they weren’t fleshed out enough to make it seem real. The solutions came to easy for these characters – parents who are this strict/controlling do not tend to let go of the reigns so easily (not that it isn’t plausible, it just seemed to convenient from the vibe I got). Overall, the story keeps you interested in what happens next but unsure if it’s enough to read book two.

~Alex (3/5)

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