Heart & Soul by Sienna Grant



Cassidy Summers was my heart. Music was my soul.

When my big break came calling who would I choose? All I needed was three months to tour. Three months to Live my dream… How did I know that my soul would break my heart?

At seventeen, I was the luckiest girl around. Elliott Chase was my boyfriend and the lead singer of Soul Divider. How would I manage without him for three months…?

When a second chance at love comes around years later… can they let go of the broken promises and lies?

When secrets are staring him in the face; will Elliott do what he does best and run? After all, how do you find your soul when you no longer have a heart?



Second chance love story…

Heart and Soul is a skilfully written second chance romance…. this story made me feel so many emotions: sad, happy and, more often than not, exasperated and angry, watching from the sidelines as Cassidy and Elliott’s topsy turvy relationship plays out…

The author is undeniably gifted at creating believable and multi faceted characters and Cassidy and Elliott are no exception….. these two are both conflicted about the life choices that, either through opportunity calling or unexpected circumstances, they have been forced to make…I love the fact that although there have been misunderstandings and bad timings the MCs still have an undeniable chemistry even after a gap of 10 years…

Cassidy and Elliott both have their hopes and dreams but neither can foresee what the consequences of realising them will mean to their relationship… I love the insight that this book gives into the complexities of this age old conundrum …it perfectly describes the problems so often faced by those who are young and ambitious but who are also in the throes of a first and true love…and when one half leaves to follow their aspirations what becomes of the ones left behind… so often there is no easy solution and only in hindsight can those involved truly know whether the losses were too great ..

This is a bittersweet tale of missed opportunities, do overs and the power of forgiveness both when it’s withheld and when it’s freely given..and above all else this is a story of love, in all its guises, and the sacrifices made in its name…..I received an advanced copy of this book from the author..

~Sheena (5/5)

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