Chastity Falls: The Complete Series by L.A. Cotton



When seventeen-year-old, Ana Parry arrives in Chastity Falls, it’s supposed to be her fresh start, her escape. But then she meets the mysterious Jackson. She shouldn’t want him. He definitely shouldn’t want her. Before they know it, it’s too late, and their attraction sparks a series of events that neither of them could have predicted.

Loyalties will be tested, lies will be told.
Welcome to Chastity Falls.


Box Set includes:
Loyalty and Lies
Salvation and Secrets
Tribulation and Truths
Redemption and Regrets
… and the brand new novella: Penance and Promises



5 star captivating series….

This series captivated me; and for the last few weeks every spare moment has been spent reading the emotional coming of age story that lives and breathes inside this series of books….

There are moments when I was truly moved as the characters deal with a myriad of emotions… the raw effects of bereavement and the devastating effects of guilt, bullying and lack of self worth… but before you switch off thinking this is too heavy, let me just say that although there is all the angst and drama associated with the young adult genre this is also an uplifting story of loyalty, friendship and love…and as serious as it gets there are also some great moments of humour providing light relief..

The author’s world building provides a detailed and realistic backdrop to the events that take place; there is an underlying menace at times that provides enough edge to make the reader question everyones role and the story progresses so do the characters…their emotional intelligence grows as they gain a greater understanding of their world, their place within it and their impact on those around them..whether their intents are for good or bad they are fascinating and worth getting to know.

The books are so aptly named as the characters deal with secrets, lies and tribulations and seek to do penance and make promises in order to find their own brand of salvation and a happy ever after….

This series drew me in and gripped me until the very last page… addictive 5 star series……

~Sheena (5/5)

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