Peep Show by Isabella Starling



She’s stripping.
I’m watching.
She’s playing.
I’m watching.
She’s mine, I’m coming…

Bebe Hall is a heartbreaker. She’s the it girl of the moment, a partygirl nobody can stop in her path of self destruction. Bebe Hall isn’t the star of her own story.
She’s the star of mine.
My name is Miles O’Reilly. I’m a photographer. An agoraphobic. A millionaire. A womanizer. I’m confined to my apartment. I don’t leave. Ever.
But when she sees me with my latest online conquest in the window of my apartment, my attention shifts to Bebe.
And once I see something I want, I don’t give up until it’s mine.

Peep Show is a 90,000 word novel with themes of voyeurism and dark scenes that may be upsetting to readers. If you are brave enough, come meet Miles. He’s been waiting for you.



Although Isabella Starling has been on my interest list for a while, with Pet taking up a place in a very particular collection on my Kindle, this is actually the first time I’ve ever read her work—largely due to her association with one of my all-time favourite erotica authors, Jade West.

Now, I need to go back and purchase Starling’s entire back catalogue.

For those interested in reading gritty, taboo sex, you’ll want to dust off your vibrator and not load this book on your Kindle until it’s fully charged. Because those batteries willdie before you reach the end.

Not only was I thoroughly impressed with Starling’s writing (both the sensitive, emotional, vulnerable moments and the filthy, stuff-my-knickers-in-my-mouth-and-stick-a-finger-up-my-arse parts), but I actually could not put my Kindle down for the duration of this book. I carried it with me everywhere. I read it on my lunchbreak at work (big mistake, by the way), before I went to bed…in the bath…just everywhere. It feels like it’s been a while since I came across a book that consumed me in such a way. It was raw, decadent, dark, and dirty.

I am absolutely in love with Miles, the perfect combination of male dominance and vulnerability. And what was so good about this read was how Starling made it deeper than pure filth. There was a lot here to think about, a lot of pain to feel. It’s a good author who manages to perfect that balance. There was enough of a plot to not dismiss this as ‘just erotica’, enough of a believable connection between the characters to consider it the most romantic of romances. There wasn’t too much sex, and there wasn’t too much outside plot. It was brilliant.

Starling is certainly one to watch. Like Jade West, she is bringing a new meaning to erotica: both in the no-holds-barred narration and the ability to weave a deep, intriguing story. I’m looking forward to her future releases.

~Evelyn (5/5)

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