Fear the Wicked by Lily White




It’s what he said to me across his altar, what he demanded so that I would be pure.

In the moment he blessed me with his virtue, I was no longer the woman I’d once been.

I was Eve.

His light. His salvation. His bridge to Heaven’s gate.

I failed him because my faith was not strong enough.

He punished me for not giving in.

Resisting temptation is never easy.

Not when his hands, his teeth, his heat and hunger were the greatest of my sins.


Lily White has fast become one of my must-click authors, and having very much enjoyed reading the first in this duet, I was awaiting the second with much anticipation.

Much better than the first, this cover is dark and really grabs the attention whilst providing a small hint about what’s to come.

White is, for the most part, a fantastic writer: thoughtful, concise, poetic. However, I found I struggled a little throughout this second part of the novel. Perhaps it was the writing style or perhaps it was just that I couldn’t stand Elijah’s POV (of which there was considerably more here).

Either way, everything just felt incredibly drawn out and repetitive, enough to provide me with the impression of someone enjoying exhibiting how clever and how much thought had gone into the characters and their deceit. This is the main reason this book was only rated three stars. It became a struggle and I really found myself wanting to finish it just so I could remove it from my ‘Currently Reading’ shelf.

Whilst Elijah and Jacob were developed nicely here (perhaps, in some respects, developed a little too well!), Eve just felt more like a doll, a prop along for the ride, despite her major role in the first novel. I understand the themes moving to the brothers and familial love, and uncovering the darkness of the past, but I prefer my characters to be more than just love interests, and be more interesting than that (and, indeed, stronger).

Although maintaining its intrigue, the slower pace of Fear the Wicked lets this second instalment down, making it drag and lost its power. This, and an ending that hints at a slight cop-out, leave this read as three-stars for me — Lily White, however, remains on my one-click list.

~Evelyn (3/5)

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