American Queen by Sierra Simone

Title: American Queen
Author: Sierra Simone
Series: New Camelot Trilogy #1
Genre: political erotic romance
Themes: BDSM, menage, military, second chance


Heat: 5/5
Rating: 5/5

I’ve had my eye on this one for a while, and, on a lonely winter night, decided to invest and give it a read. Boy, was I sucked in, reading into the early hours of the morning to devour this.

I love this cover. I love the anonymity, the elegance, and how beautifully it provides a mere taste of what is to come. It’s sensual but not cheap, subtly erotic, and something which immediately caught my attention.

Although verging on the slightly improbably, I just couldn’t get enough of this plot. There is little I will go into in this review because, like any of my rare five-star ratings, I am passionate—absolutely passionate—about new readers going into this book totally blind. Just like me. What I will say is that the fairytale themes woven through this are beautiful. There is so much angst and confusion here but it all comes across as totally warranted, working within these characters’ personalities, rather than forced to propel drama.

The absolute highlight, above the incredibly steamy erotica which had me reaching for my vibrator, was how intelligible and gorgeous Sierra Simone’s writing was. I don’t think I’ve ever highlighted so many passages on my Kindle before, with words that truly penetrated my soul, some harrowing, some heartbreaking, others filthy and powerful. Just look at the quotes already saved on Goodreads if you don’t believe me. And the best part? The intelligence of the narrative felt so in-line with the characters. It was truly like nothing I have come across in contemporary romance before. In fact, I think Simone is one of the most talented writers out there—and I’ve only read one of her books!

Flawlessly executed, these characters have their demons, their pasts, their anxieties and their lies…and all these facets combine to form three perfectly crafted people. Their interactions with one another feel real, authentic, perfect.

Even the supporting cast is strong. Of particular interest to me was Merlyn, the nightmarish figure of Greer’s childhood, and his role in this tale. And it’s fantastic to find antagonists who seem as fleshed out as the protagonists.

If you haven’t yet grasped my point, READ THIS BOOK. READ IT RIGHT NOW. It’s outrageously sexy, touching, and sharp. I can’t say any more about it other than that it is a decision you will not regret.

Onto book two!


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