REVIEW: Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

What was so powerful about this story is that it makes you want to read the story within the story. Seriously guys, I want to read Monstrous Sea! (Find me someone who doesn’t after reading this)

Eliza is someone which readers can relate to. She is a high school senior who escapes into the online presence that she has created for herself. One that no one, except her two best friends (whom she has never met face to face, but that means nothing), know the extent of. Between the internal monsters, and the ones she draws for her online fanbase, Eliza must come to terms with how it will all end.

I could not get enough of this story and wanted to jump into it and live forever. Not that I like the idea of going back 10 years to high school, but hey – I get the concept of being more comfortable in cyber space than real space… which sounds odd but you know what I mean. I loved every thing about and I will be recommending it to everyone; especially for those who are on are either end of the spectrum of escaping into the internet for comfort, and not understanding those who do.

~Alex (5/5)

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